Northern White Rhino Population 2021 (June) Extinct/Not?

Northern White Rhino Population 2021 (June) ExtinctNot

Northern White Rhino Population 2021 (June) Extinct/Not? >> The article talks about the extinction of sub-species of an animal and the ways applied to increase the count.

Do you know white Rhinos are listed among the second largest mammal on the land? However, over the years, there has been a decline in the population of white Rhinos that has listed it among the endangered species and extinct across countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, India and the United States.

However, it is necessary to know the actual Northern White Rhino Population 2021 and if they have reduced more or increased in numbers. 

Thus, for knowing more, you must read the full article and details of measures taken by scientists to increase their numbers in the world.

About Northern White Rhino Species 

Before we move ahead to know about the current Rhino population, let us gain a sneak peek and in detail knowledge about the species.

Northern White Rhinoceros are also known as square-lipped Rhinos, making subspecies of white rhinoceros. These species were widely spread across different countries like Central and East Africa in the Sahara south.

However, the Northern White Rhino Population 2021 has listed them among endangered species. As per the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) assessment, it was considered “Possibly Extinct or Critically Endangered from the wildlife, as of 2020. 

Northern White Rhinos Population

As per data, only two rhinos remain for the species, including a mother and daughter. They are named Najin and her 20-year-old daughter called Fatu, who are the last of the remaining species of rhinoceros in the world.

What are the steps taken to safeguard the Northern White Rhino Population 2021?

With only two species remaining globally, scientists across the world are implementing every possible step to increase the count of rhinos.

Many reasons led to the decline in the species, including loss of habitat, civil war, and poaching. All these reasons together made the scientists declare it as an extinct animal within the wild.

Presently scientists are using the stem cell method for increasing the count.

Stem Cell Method for Increasing the Count of Northern White Rhinos

To increase the count of Northern White Rhino Population 2021, scientists have produced two embryos of the extinct mammal. With this, scientists are contemplating producing the first calf in three years using the method of surrogacy.

It has thus increased the count of Northern Rhinos in the world to five from one and three.

Final Verdict 

While scientists have produced two more embryos through the stem cell and surrogacy method, there are no living male species even among the two remaining species of White Rhino in Kenya, including a mother and daughter.

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What do you think are the reasons for the decline in the count of white rhinos in the world? And what are the possible ways on reducing the extinction of the species? Please do share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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