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O and E 5 Letter Words {May} List For Your Wordle Puzzle

Gaming Tips O and E 5 Letter Words

This article covers O and E 5 Letter Words which would help learners and players with their online word games.

Are you looking for 5-letter words containing O and E? You have landed on the right page. Words with specific vowels and constants help fetch accurate answers easily in word games like Scrabble and Wordle online. 

Discover new and interesting words and add them to your dictionary by scrolling down. We have covered more than 45, O and E 5 Letter Words to furnish you with a cool word set. Read the entire article to know more!

5 letter words containing O and E

  • Abode– home or a house, a place to reside
  • Adobe– Multinational company of computer software 
  • Alone– unescorted or not having anyone present
  • Awoke– waking up from sleep or to regain consciousness 
  • Boned– to remove bones before cooking, serving, or selling a piece of meat.
  • Begot– to cause or to bring out. Bring a child into existence through the process of reproduction 

So far, we have covered 5 Letter Words That End With ER. To know more

  • Below– at a lower layer or underneath
  • Bogie– a carriage or a trolley looking like a low truck standing on 4 wheels
  • Bonne– a housemaid or nursemaid, typically of a French origin
  • Bottle– a container generally used to store liquid
  • Bowed– playing a stringed musical instrument with the help of a bow
  • Broke– It is the past tense of break. Someone who has run completely out of money is also known as broke.
  • Dodge– to avoid something or someone by sudden and quick movements.

5 Letter Words That End With ER

  • Doper– a person who habitually or frequently uses illicit drugs
  • Bower– an attractive retreat or a dwelling. It is also known as a shelter made up of vines from a tree twined together
  • Chore– tasks performed routinely, mainly in the household. A necessary and tedious task
  • Bored– it is a feeling of being unoccupied or impatient. Lacking interest is someone’s activity.
  • Chemo– is a treatment consisting of drugs and completed with the use of powerful chemicals to kill furiously growing body cells.

O and E 5 Letter Words

  • Choke– to retch or gag for gag, breathe with severe difficulty due to obstructed or constricted throat or lack of air.
  • Clone– is the production of genetically identical population cells or the organisms produced asexually by one organism.
  • Coven– a gathering or collection of individuals having similar activities or fields of interest


We have researched and covered more than 45 words of 5 letters containing O and E and some ending with the letters ER. This article has been detailed along with examples for the readers to understand the new words better.  

If you play online Wordle and games like Scrabble, this article will be useful. Do you want to share more O and E 5 Letter Words? Please comment.

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