Ofx Scam Text {Oct} Get Complete Information Here


Ofx Scam Text {Oct} Get Complete Information Here -> Find out about a text scam that is targeting users of Ofx, a foreign exchange company.

Did you recently hear about the text scam that’s affecting Ofx customers? If yes, then read on further to learn more. 

The Ofx scam text appears to be a phishing scheme. It is a scam that is targeting the customers of Ofx. It is a foreign exchange company with many customers all over the world. 

Scammers use a variety of ways to lure online users and get access to their personal and financial data. Many banks and companies such as Ofx are warning their customers to be wary of such phishing scheme. 

In the United Kingdom, many people have fallen prey to such scams. Hence the need to maintain extreme caution while responding to messages or opening links stated in texts. Read on further to learn about this scam. 

What is this all about?

Recently, many customers of Ofx are reporting suspicious text messages. They share that they received verification code from the company that is usually sent to the customer’s phone number if he or she is trying to log in to the account. 

Things to know about the Ofx Scam:

  • The Ofx text scam comes in the form of the verification message. 
  • The scam is affecting Ofx customers.
  • The company shares a helpline number that customers need to call on. 
  • The text message contains a verification code. 
  • Many users of Ofx have reported receiving the text message. 
  • The helpline number shared by Ofx for personal account holders is 6568178747. 
  • The helpline number for business account holders is 6568178748. 

Who should know about it?

All the Ofx customers should be aware of this Ofx scam text. The company is warning all its users by posting on its website’s forum. The company shares that if the customers receive text messages even though they were not trying to access their account, then it is critical for them to call on the helpline number. 

How does the Ofx Scam work?

Users report that they receive a text from the company containing the verification code even though they were not trying to log in to their account. In such a scenario, people need to be aware of the fact that an ongoing scam is trying to lure in customers. 

What are people saying about it?

People are posting on various platforms that they received such messages. Even on the official Ofx customer forum, people have posted queries. The company has replied to the queries posted on the official forum. The company shares that the customers who receive such texts should refrain from taking action and immediately call on the helpline number. 


The Ofx text scam is one of the phishing schemes in which Ofx users receive texts containing verification code for logging in to their account, even though they did not make any attempt. If you too have been received any such text, then do share your experience in the comments section below. 

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