Oshenwatch Luxe Review {May} Think Before Buying Here!

Oshenwatch Luxe Review 2020

Oshenwatch Luxe Review {May} Think Before Buying Here! >> The article includes the benefits, customer reviews, where to buy, and how the smartwatch works.

We often care about our health; the reason is due to the stress work, long hours of work, or maybe due to laziness. This laziness will cause severe issues and welcome various types of diseases, like fatigue, irritation, headache, and many more. A healthy body needs a routine workout is necessary.

In this article, we will introduce your doctor name Oshenwatch; it is a smart wristwatch that will keep an eye on your health performance. We will also discuss the Oshenwatch Luxe Review and the benefits of wearing this smartwatch so that you can place your order with more clarity, and with no doubt.


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Oshenwatch is very famously being used by many of the famous TV personalities of the United State. They are using it to determine the workout performance and given a positive ohsen watch review. There are several types of smartwatches available over the market, which is available at low cost, but they do not work as a smartwatch. 

Those smartwatches have no guarantees and will provide you with the wrong data, and smartwatches are of no use if it is not providing you with accurate data. But with Oshenwatch, you will get assured data and values, which will help you to maintain your health accordingly.

What is Oshenwatch?

Oshenwatch is a smartwatch that detects your daily routine and shows the value accordingly, and it also alerts you for a future emergency. It is a miracle for medical industries; it is made with full care; the design and logo are not less than any swizz watch. If you order now, you will get up to 50% OFF.

You will get exciting offers like 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and you can return the product if you don’t find it worthy enough to match your style and needs. Nowadays, it is essential to keep track of health to avoid any medical emergencies. That is the reason that nowadays, celebrities use smartwatches.

There are many smartwatches available over the market; a branded watch may cost you around thousands of dollars. But you will get Oshenwatch to watch within your budget. If you purchase the watch, you will get an exclusive Offer 50% Discount with lots of benefits, so place your order and book your Oshenwatch.


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We will recommend you that because of piece Limited Stock Available with Free Shipping. So don’t let go of this golden opportunity and place your order now.

Who can use this product?

Anyone can use the product; they may be a common man, sportsperson, or athlete. It fits all ages, and it is easy to use and connect easily with any electronic device.

Benefits and cons of Oshenwatch Luxe

Benefits of Oshenwatch Luxe

  • The smartwatch comes with various features like Pedometer, heart rate sensors with Bluetooth connectivity
  • With Oshenwatch you will get 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if not then you can return the product without any hassle
  • Free delivery facilities are available with the 30 days of a money-back guarantee
  • If you buy three watches, you will get the watch at $247, and if you buy one watch, you will get it at $109. You will get two watches at $219
  • The watch receives easily connect with the Operating system like Android and IOS, and you can also connect it with any accessories like car or TV.
  • The wrist band used in the watch is made up of high-quality pure leather.
  • The watch consists of different type of theme which you can change it according to your mood.

Cons of the Oshenwatch Luxe

  • Only limited stock is available so, and you will have to order it now to save your piece
  • The wristwatch is made with care and works ultimately fit at all-weather, but don’t drop it on hot water.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • The company is providing a 30 Days of Money-back guarantee where you can return the product if you didn’t find it suitable.
  • But you will get Oshenwatch within your budget. If you purchase the watch, you will get an exclusive Offer 50% Discount with lots of benefits.
  • At the time of return, you have to submit the receipt copy of the watch as proof.
  • The wristwatch must be in its original condition at the time of returning so that the company can resell it.

Oshenwatch Luxe Pro Review

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  • It is equipped with Pedometer, and heart rate sensor
  • The watch supports both Android and IOS devices
  • The watch is equipped with the latest version of Bluetooth and GPS navigation
  • Provide exact results 

How the Oshenwatch works?

Oshenwatch is a smartwatch equipped with all the high-quality sensors to keep track of heart rate, blood pressure, and send you the report on your android or IOS device. It can easily connect with any electronic device via Bluetooth. You can also set a GPS map in this smartwatch.

Customer Reviews

45-year-old Marry says

I am a working woman with lots of daily long hours to do; I was searching for a genuine smartwatch who can tell me and provide me with all the track records of y health performance. I am happy that I order Oshenwatch, after reading several positive oshen smartwatch review I am assured with the product.

33-years old Samantha

I am a housewife, and I hardly get time for a workout, I do daily exercise but was missing something that can track my workout performance after watching the advertisement of Oshenwatch and reading comments of Oshenwatch Luxe Review.

Where to buy the Oshenwatch?

You can order Oshenwatch Luxe directly from its original website if you purchase the product from this website you will gain lots of exciting offers. The site is also offering discounts on a per piece with free shipping facilities.

Oshenwatch Luxe Where to Buy


The product Oshenwatch is one of the best smartwatches which is available at a low price as compared to the market price. Customers have given several positive Oshenwatch Luxe Review, which shows the trust upon the product. So order it now and get lots of discounts and benefits.

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  1. I placed an order over a week ago. I have not received anything from Oshenwatch, Is this real. Tried calling the phone number numerous times and am told the number is not in service. I have tried the customer support email with no response.
    Question, is just a scam?

    1. Don’t see any responses tp the comments. No way to contact these people by phone? I can’t even find a phone no. Don’t respond to emails.. save yourself the aggravation and ether buy something through Amazon or directly from a reputable company.

  2. I ordered the watch on Friday May 8th, 2020….I have emailed them….they say they resent the confirmation email….but STILL have not received it….idk what to think!

  3. Michael Harewood.–I ordered the watch, but did not get a confirmation email. I hope that this is not a scam. Please send confirmation email as you have already taken out the payment from my account. I am beginning to think that this is an illegal establishment.

  4. I ordered the watch May 6, 2020. They too my fucking money and promised tracking info on the product within 7 days. Bullshit.

  5. All of the review are true are sure look like As I have ordered and I also have no watch or communication from them no one to contact

  6. Fucking bullshit scam just like this site. Gives good item descriptions but no real item. Should of known better.

  7. ordered watch on may 2nd. received no e-mail. Tried to get on support site but does not exist. Nobody answering phone. Fucking scam. Our corrupt government should take their heads out of their asses and start prosecuting this mother fuckers.

  8. Don’t buy this watch. Th previous watchessais just about the same things. It’s obvious it was written in china. But a reputable manufacturer, not someone that copies our products,

  9. The reviews I read about this oshen smart watch is not encouraging at all, and is nothing to write home about. It seems like a scam. My advice is that people should stop patronizing this company.

  10. I was going to order the watch, but after reading the reviews all negative, I’ve decided that it sure looks like it’s a scam, thanks.




  12. ordered early in may and did get conformation #. Now its 5 weeks later and still no watch. How can they continue to promote this “ghost watch”

  13. I am so PIST.. I paid for watches and have not received no email for delivery date or nothing from co. I even purchased the insurance for the watches. They immediately took the money out of my account. I still have not received any information.. DO NOT order from this co; it’s a big SCAM . They are still sending emails on products to purchases. This is wrong on so many levels.. I am going to reach out to the better business bureau to look into this nonsense.. I want all of my money back, or I may even take it to Bill Liss who I have known on a professional level; the news man whom expose these kind of issues. So if you know like I know you will send me my money.. REAL TALK..

    1. Same here. I ordered with a credit card. Going to dispute the charges. Everyone please, do not believe anything about this company. If you order. Go through Amazon.

  14. Should have seen this page before. Same story. No shipping confirmation for a while, after many complains (99% unanswered) got a tracking number, that didn’t work. Filled a claim through paypall and after two months finally got the watch.

    The ad said it includes the usb adapter, it is not. Trying to get dome support for app installation, none.

    Lessons learned: Don’t buy from ads. Go to Amazon.

  15. Ordered watch nearly 2 months ago they said backed up covid etc. Was on last month’s credit card and I, like a fool paid it. Not a word since receiving order confirmation. I have no idea if it works or not since it seems either a scam or being run by someone trying to fund antifa

  16. Ordered the watch on June 24th. No watch has been received. Sent emails to support, tried getting answers from the “chat” , but they quickly ask for your email address. I put in a “dispute” claim with CC. Then I received notice that watch was sent. Tried tracking–no number. I wrote their support email and stated that if I receive the watch I will OK the payment. Now is Aug 3rd.

  17. I bought 6 watches I have opened 2 boxes and can not get them to turn on after charging them both for two hours twice. I bought these for my family that have health issues. This sucks.

  18. It took several weeks to get mine but it finally did arrive. I have the Luxe version costing $100. I was able to pair it with my I-Phone and get some heart rate and blood pressure data transferred over to their RunDO App. But the running feature is hard to use. A free app like Run Tracker works a hundred times better. The watch does beep at the start of the run but does not tell you interval (e.g. miles) times like the Run Tracker does. It is also difficult to transfer run data to your I-Phone. The OshenWatch RunDo app does not keep good history data. The screen on the watch also goes to black after a few seconds when you are trying to read it which is very annoying. The wrist band in difficult to put on your wrist. It measures my blood pressure very low (which I am not sure is accurate or not) The heart rate seems to be accurate. I am having difficulty transferring the EKG data to the OshenWatch App (RunDo) I was able to “sync” up data to the app (e.g. to get the correct time to display. The blood oxygen function seems to work OK. The “help” function is fairly basic but if you have a real question I am not sure who to send a question to. I would not recommend this watch to a runner.. I am able to get Phone calls and text messages sent to the watch but I am not sure that is really that useful. I’ll have to go back to carrying my I-Phone with me when I run. I would say don’t buy it

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