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Oxborder Com Scam [June] – Is This A Reliable Site?

Oxborder Com Scam 2020

Oxborder Com Scam [June] – Is This A Reliable Site? -> In this article, you will get to know that the site is legit or scam.

Are you also sometimes get confused about the authenticity of the website? If yes, then we are here with Oxborder com, to help you to find out the reality of this website.

With the growing usage of online stores, online scamming is also growing with the faster rate and fooling people around them by selling items at a considerable discount. We are here with Oxborder Com Scam to inform you about the illegal working of the site.

This website is currently functioning from the United State, and peoples are not many alerts about this website.

The website is stopped for free, under the kindness of

Before going through the pros, cons, customer reviews, and conclusion about this website, we should get to know that, Is legit or is it fooling its customers.

Is Oxborder Com Legit?

Nowadays, anyone with expertise can make fake websites and fool peoples from it. Before dealing with any website, check when the domain was created and check if they use HTTPS connection because the web-based business that handles payments and delicate customer data must utilize HTTPS.

One should also check how much the website is popular because of this; one can easily trust the site and its authenticity.

 If we go through this website, all the essential characteristics to be a valid website is missing.

So before trusting this website, check out this whole blog once and then make a decision.

What is Oxborder Com?

Oxborder Com is an online shopping site that sells various products to its customers at the meagre and vast discount rates.

All we had found about this website is that it’s not an official website and one of the most untrustworthy online store.

What is so unique about Oxborder Com?

The site will provide you with a variety of products which you will usually need for your running life.

 You can find your choice of products at a meagre price and a discount.

Specifications of Oxborder Com:

  • Product- Not specified
  • Website- 
  • Email id-
  • Shipping and delivery- Not specified
  • Return and Refund- Not specified
  • Mode of payment- Credit card/ Debit card/ Paypal

Pros of Oxborder Com:

  • You can find a variety of products on one website.
  • Selling product with budgeted price.
  • They are offering lots of discounts on their products.
  • It is one of the best sites to support small businesses.

Cons of Oxborder Com:

  • They do not have the “About Us” section on their web page.
  • There is no availability of any phone number, contact name, and business address.
  • They use multiple email ids to fool peoples.
  • No information is available regarding delivering and returning products.
  • Do not respond to the queries of the customers.

Customer Reviews:

The site is linked with a great deal of dishonest online stores. All the customers who deal with the site are complaining about it and so much disappointed.

Customers have understood that the site is using the different domain names and providing them the wrong email id for fooling them. It prompts ambiguity and loses the consideration of the customers.

Customers are also not satisfied with designing the web page as it does not provide the full information regarding the working of the website and all its policies.

Customers who have purchased anything from this website did not get the product yet, and their credit card information in on risk, and they are also not able to contact them as they get disappear.

Final Verdict:

Online customers are encouraged to avoid dishonest online stores related to Oxborder Com or are more than likely to risk their credit card data getting taken and utilized deceitfully. They likewise risk accepting fake or knockoff merchandise.

Online customers who have utilized their Credit cards on sites related to are approached to interact with their banks for help. They should tell their banks that they have unconsciously used their credit cards on a malicious site. Their banks ought to research, drop the exchanges, and refund their amount.

The users have requested to go through this website, find anything wrong, and immediately report the store as a scam.

Overall, we can say that only the negative customer reviews about the website have come in front of us, which shows that the site is not genuine and not trustworthy.

Thus we would say to our readers not to deal with this website as the site is not authentic.


    There are a handful of sites that they’re listed as “Contact” links.

    The above are all websites associated with the support@oxborder contact information! All of which I believe are scams.
    Tips: NEVER buy something from a site before contacting them (successfully-they must reply with an actual answer). ALSO, try the links to “Follow” that site on social media, because most scammers don’t have current profiles or accounts.

    1. OXBORDER.COM is also associated with OKCINEMAS.COM, another scam site that was supposedly selling hundreds of different merchandise items. Soon after processing the payment the site disappeared.

  2. The English grammar on this website ( is very poor. Consider using an English grammar and spelling checker.

  3. ordered 5 pair skecher shoes for $82.00. They sent me a pair of RayBan sunglasses. told me order was mixed up. Wanted to to accept a 20% refund of my $82.00.

  4. Scam, got me for shoes x 2,then kept replying sayin g sorry blah blah blah, i ended up getting ray bans and was told mix up BULLSHIT…same story will refund 20% blah blah blah

  5. Guys I purchased few shoes from Birkenstock Canada 🇨🇦. I was under the impression it was a genuine factory outlet store in Canada. But realized quickly it was a fraud site as the writing was in Chinese after I paid on PayPal. I did call PayPal to intimidate them of this. Hopefully I get my money back. Fingers crossed 🤞.

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