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Painttooo com Reviews {April 2020} Is it a Scam or Legit?

Painttooo com Reviews {April 2020} Is it a Scam or Legit? >> In this article, you get to know about Painttooo, which sells beautiful paintings online at the best prices.

Do you like colors? Everyone will answer an emphatic YES for sure. Here we are with the Painttooo com Reviews, which have been going around in the United Statefor its varied kinds of colorful creations under different categories. They satisfy the urge of an artist inside each one of us. 

Painttooo is for everyone who loves colors in its many forms, they have divided the central panel of the website into different categories like, animals, plants, cartoons, human figures and flowers, classics, etc. One can also pick up the paintings for giving as gifts on special occasions to friends or relatives.

Then they also have the best deals to be checked; you can get the paintings for your home décor or gifting. Every painting shows a different expression, and they are truly magnificent.

A splash of colors will certainly make a remarkable difference, whether it is your own home or someone else’s. So, come on, let’s add colors to our lives with the brushes of Painttooo


Painttooo is an online store for paintings for all; the collection is for all ages and in all categories like animals, plants, cartoons, human figures, landscapes, etc. They have different modified products for all age groups. The collection also has a painting by numbers, which gives the correct color combination for a person who is a beginner in the field.

They also have attractive deals in all categories. So, you never miss the joy of going all colors. Gift cards are an added feature of the website, which is very useful when we are confused about gifting to our loved ones.

Who is this for?

Painttooo is for all ages, whether it is a small child, an adult, or anyone who loves colors and paints. They have a vast collection of paintings under broad categories, which include cartoons, plants, animals, DIY kits, paint by numbers, etc. 

They have gift cards, too, which has written instructions to explain the detail about redemption. Many paintings are featured within the best seller category with review stars and huge discounts. Whenever an admirer of art surfs through the paintings, he or she can have a better idea with the help of these markers. 

Features of Painttooo

  • Massive collection
  • Interesting categories
  • Paintings for all
  • Attractive gift cards
  • Shipping within 7-10 days
  • Payment through PayPal and credit cards
  • Simple return and refund policies
  • Company contact – painttooo@hotmail.comSubscribed newsletter

Customer reviews

Though there were not many reviews available about Painttooo, the stars that are given to paintings under the best seller category speak for themselves. Most of them have got all the five stars and this shows that the paintings that are displayed for sale are creations worth the deal.

There are discounts and offers under every category, and a gift card is also sent through the mail to esteemed customers. The redeeming instructions and the details of the outlet are also provided for the ease of the customers. This shows that they do have colorful products that are worth a try to believe and get satisfied.

Pros of Painttooo

  • Huge collection
  • Finest paintings
  • Many categories
  • Rain of discounts
  • Manifold offers
  • Gift card through email
  • Painting by numbers
  • Bestsellers identified
  • Prompt customer service

Cons of Painttooo

  • No reviews
  • New website
  • Alluring images
  • Company details not available


Stores like Painttooo come up with unique ideas to sell the creation of different artists to awaken the spirit of art in the customers. Everyone likes colors, but the kinds of expression might differ, so Painttooo has a good collection in every category to choose from. The idea is to make the customers surf through colors and help them stay lively and colorful.

They have paintings of all ages too, and the available discounts also are unbelievable and unmatched. Usually, people go to art exhibitions or historic shops to fulfill their desire to get associated with art. Still, this store makes it easy for every art lover to satisfy their urge related to art.

The best seller category is an advantage because it says many things about the extraordinary collection available. So, why don’t we go colorful and hit away from the mundane life to become an ardent lover of art? There is no harm in giving at least one try to experience art at its very best. 

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0 thoughts on “Painttooo com Reviews {April 2020} Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. paid for order 9 days ago and still no shipping update. will respond with new review if the item arrives

  2. I also placed an order 9 days ago and do not have any shipping info either. I think it’s a scam.

  3. Same. Placed order on April 22, can’t get a response from the company, and the tracking number they gave me is coming up as invalid.

  4. Same, I placed an order April 22nd, no ship date and no response from the company. Is there anything we can do to recoup the money?

  5. No response. Ordered 4/22. Emailed last week to check on order. No response. Not good.

  6. I ordered April 22nd as well and hadn’t heard anything from them regarding my order. There are no status updates on my tracking number either. I emailed the company on May 19th and they responded with an email in the same day regarding my order. They advised there were delays due to COVID and advised me that it will take 7-15 days for shipping and to try to be patient while waiting. There are still no updates on my tracking number.

  7. I ordered in May and waited forever… thought it was a scam, but finally received my order today- jy 3rd. They’ve had issues due to covid and larger demand with tik tok ad popularity but the kit did come, the canvas is really big and the paint and brushes came through fine. The only downside is there are no instructions, and obviously the wait as well. So no scam, but you’ll likely wait a long time to receive the order

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