Pavel Vladimirovich Lisitsin: Competition in the Quality and Speed of Cargo Transportation

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“Today, in order to efficiently carry out cargo deliveries, suppliers need to redesign and rebuild their operating activities,” notes Pavel Vladimirovich Lisitsin, President of Euroterminal. The emergence of online players like Amazon has erased the traditional boundaries between B2B and B2C.

As noted by Pavel Lisitsin, companies from various industries have to redesign and adapt to new requirements and demands. For instance, small enterprises sometimes have to tussle with well-established organizations that rely on their experience and serious expedient. To cope with their deep pockets, SMEs need to excel in quality services, and speed of order fulfillment is one kind of quality indicator.

Considering this point, Euroterminal is developing the services of the Dry Port, which was recently connected to the Odessa port by a railway line to the Odessa-Peresyp station. Pavel Lisitsin says -“Clients will not hang back to find substitute that would meet their needs, so it becomes necessary for you to deliver economic consumption quicker than your competitors.” 

Delivery speed and real-time decision making

“Simply put, the delivery speed means time taken for making operational settlement and their implementation. This concept is much bigger than just delivery on the same day,” explains Pavel Vladimirovich Lisitsin. Instead, businesses need to make strategic decisions to complete their operational processes in the shortest possible time without compromising the service quality.

Part of the puzzle is data and process analysis. “You must pay close attention to your distribution system and to analyzing the storage costs of each item of inventory to ensure that it meets the business financial goals. Thus, company can reform thier stocks and so that it can fulfill your request always,” adds Pavel Vladimirovich Lisitsin.

Make sure you have the right amount of goods on time to become a successful company. This means combining the requirements of your clients with your business opportunities, as Pavel Lisitsin explains. Earlier, company planning was made in different phases like monthly, quarterly, twice, and even once a year. But the scenario has changed; today’s business demands and needs change so rapidly that planning should be done and updated on a daily basis.

A potent marketplace requires in-depth knowledge of just about every characteristic of your business’s business service cost structure. This means based on received customers feedback defining the whole distribution system and then recreating it in the most operative format. 

For example, the Euro terminal company provides cargo storage services on the territory of the “Dry Port,” which reduces the cost of delivery for customers due to the absence of customs duties and fees and optimizing the cost of services.

Technology is a two-edged sword in the world of fast delivery.

Technology has enabled companies to speed up their communications and delivery systems. At the same time, technology has also provided customers with the ability to quickly make increasing demands. “When Companies trying to compete in latest market trend it cannot neglect or avoid innovative technological solutions,” notes Pavel Vladimirovich Lisitsin.

Information flows so fast that the only helpful communication takes place. Companies need to make sure they make optimal decisions at the correct time by using this information. Else, as per Pavel Lisitsin saying, the useful information or data will quickly “deteriorate.” Ideally, any changes that need to be made on time to the distribution network to increase their relevance and impact to the maximum.

It’s essential to compare real activity with planned activity every day to determine deficiencies and surpluses. In fact, the tracking and observing must be done many times the whole day to make sure that you achieve your aims and objectives. The main task for you as a business is to get as close to the ideal solution for the client as possible.

Previously, it was enough to build several distribution channels, and however, it has since proven to be an unsustainable and even wasteful strategy. “Now you need to think about creative solutions that can go beyond of your initial business concept,” recommends Pavel Vladimirovich Lisitsin.

An example here is the use of common areas for the delivery of goods and services. This approach significantly reduces storage time and therefore reduces other costs such as insurance. The basic structure includes receiving inbound cargo for transshipment, unloading, and sorting for final delivery.

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