Paymybalance Scam (Jan 2021) Explore the Details of Fraud.

Paymybalance Scam 2020

Paymybalance Scam (Jan 2021) Explore the Details of Fraud. >> This article talks about a scam hitting the office of students accounts in the name of debt collection from FCR collections.

Are you aware of the frauds in the market which aims to con people and earn money illegally? Many people are working on this and also are hacking big platforms for illegal purposes. 

In this article, we will be informing you about Paymybalance ScamThis also hot person on a large scale and many were trapped in the same. It was targeting the residents of the United Statescalling people and asking them to about debt collection in the name of a renowned university. 

This article contains all the facts and statements regarding the same, and also have revealed the truth behind it. Please scroll down to know more about it.

What is Paymybalance Scam?

Hackers and scammer have their eyes set on the renowned platforms, and they hack them or use them to make con calls to trap people for the same. The people need to be aware of the same, and they must not follow the steps asked by these scammers.

Regis University is one of the famous universities and recently was also hit by scammers. They have made the Students’ accounts office aware of the scam, as they are targeting them only. Paymybalance Scam was on hype and also hit the targeted audiences. 

We have mentioned more details about them in this article below. Please scroll down to know their working process.

How were they hitting people?

They are calling the people associated with the Office of the Students Accounts, and are calling them regarding debt collection. They are asking the receivers that they are from the FCR Collections and talking about the debt.

They are asking for some personal information, and or are inviting to visit website, from where they have started this Paymybalance Scam. They are also providing a call back number to the receivers.

What was University’s reaction regarding the same?

Regis University has released a notification for the Office of Student Account regarding this Paymybalance ScamThey have searched for the scammers, and also have found their contact numbers, mentioned below:

  • Contact Numbers: 888-286-0323, 949-258-9188
  • Email:

The University has also mentioned the details about its official accounts and contact numbers. They also have mentioned the number where they must report the activity. Information about the same is mentioned below:

  • Contact Number: 303-458-4126
  • Email:

They have mentioned with whom all the office has contracts regarding the debts with, details of which are discussed below:

  • Transworld Systems (TSI) PO Box 15630, Wilmington, DE 19850 877-282-1250
  • Williams & Fudge 300 Chatham Ave Rock Hill, SC 29730 800-849-9791
  • Alltran Financial, LP 5800 North CourseDrive Houston, TX 77072 800-377-1904

These all details were released by the website for the staff to be aware of Paymybalance Scam.

Final Verdict:

You have read about Paymybalance Scam in this article. You need to be aware of the fats and working of them, to be protected from such scams. All the data about them is revealed and mentioned.

Do share your views if you too have received a call from the scammers.


  1. I got a call from robo caller. No other info was left besides the website and a phone number to call back on. No email or USPS Letter was ever sent to me. Thanks for this info.

    1. Hi Nicholas, Hope you have got some solution to this. Please share with us further what has happened. Stay safe.

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