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How to Get a Personal Virtual Phone Number for Sms

In today’s world, your phone number is very important and without it, you won’t be able to register on a website, vote, make a purchase in an online store or take part in a promotion. Almost everywhere you need to verify the user, which is usually done with your cell phone number.

In this regard, a personal virtual phone number is an indispensable thing nowadays. For instance, you’re afraid, or you simply don’t want to give out your real number because you know how dangerous it can be. In these situations, you’ll need a personal virtual number for SMS verification. What benefits does it have, what they are and where to get it – we’ll share with you in this article.

Virtual mobile number differs from a standard phone number in that:

  • You can use such a number even without the usual SIM card in your phone.
  • Another advantage is that a personal virtual number does not require a mobile phone connection. It is not a prerequisite for its use.
  • You don’t need to go somewhere to get one, spend time in line and sign a ton of paperwork – just have your smartphone at your fingertips.

More recently, a personal virtual phone number was available to a few people and large companies. But with the advent of a specialized activation service SMS-man it is no longer a problem for ordinary individuals. Get a virtual number today can absolutely any user on the Internet.

Personal virtual mobile number: why is it called a virtual number?

Don’t look for a catch in the name of this phone number. A personal virtual phone number is not something imaginary or non-existent. Yes, it doesn’t require a SIM card, which is now in your smartphone, but anyone can get it. Plus, you don’t even have to go to a cell phone store, you can get it in a few minutes sitting on the couch. All you need is any device with Internet access. Phone, tablet or even a personal computer will do.

In simple words – a virtual number is a phone that works only on the Internet. It has the same set of numbers and country code as any other phone number, it doesn’t look different.

Why you may need a personal virtual number

A virtual phone number lets you avoid using a personal number when you need to list it somewhere on the Internet.

  • Imagine a situation where you are busy filling out a form for a store loyalty card. You enter your personal number there, and along with discounts you get annoying advertising calls and spam. Such situations are not uncommon, but you can avoid them by using a personal virtual number to receive SMS.
  • Just think about it. How about this situation? When you post a listing on eBay for your apartment or furniture, you specify your personal phone number in the settings, and the flow of calls continues even after the transaction is successfully completed. A personal virtual number, on the other hand, is not available to receive text messages and calls immediately after the listing is posted.
  • A similar situation is observed when registering in messengers and social networks. Your potential contacts do not need to know your real phone number. At first, it is better to take a personal virtual number and share it with your partners.

This approach will give you maximum security in financial and informational terms. Protecting your personal information is very important in today’s world, so don’t take it lightly.

You can get an unlimited number of virtual numbers, SMS-man service makes it possible. Create several Instagram or Facebook accounts, separate your personal life and work contacts. Thanks to a personal virtual phone number you can easily do this. What remains to be figured out is exactly how to get such a number and how to register a new account on it? Let’s break down this question right now.

How to use a personal VoIP number to receive SMS

To use the number, you only need to perform a few actions. You just need to follow the detailed instructions below.

So, you will need to repeat the following steps:

Step 1. Register in SMS-man service;

Step 2. Refill your account by any convenient way;

Step 3. Indicate desired country and service where you need to get SMS;

Step 4. Click on “Buy” button on the right side of the chosen service;

Step 5. Use personal virtual phone number received from the service. Point it on the service, where you need to confirm the mobile number;

Step 6. You can see the SMS which was received to your number in the “History of requests” on the main page.

Step 7. Copy the confirmation code from the SMS and enter it in the service you want to activate.

You don’t have to do anything else. Just a few minutes, and you get an extra temporary phone number right on the Internet. It’s simple in theory and even easier to implement.

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