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Pleasettouchme com {Feb 2022} Worth or Waste of Money!

This news is a complete insight into the specifications and details listed of a website, which seems scam and has been named Pleasettouchme com.

People have complained against this new launch website which shows their domain to be 16 years old and is facing certain trust issues with users from the United States. Are you also looking for a new setup for these devices? If yes, read below for more.

Our expert states that this article is trying to tell up new advanced features for the users, but with the reviews, the article on the internet seems to be Worldwide

Our expert below has mentioned certain specifications and reviews regarding the news Pleasettouchme com.

About Please Touch Me Websites

This international website is 16 years old and emerged from the United States. The synonymous website was related to the aim of providing fun games and came with the hand on the original website. 

One has to put down all the hand’s fingers, and then harshly all the fingers should be down off the hand and open itself which indicates that the website is authentic and working and will showcase all the details inside after several seconds. 

This news website tells certain factors like us, contact, graphics and specifications.

Read below more for Pleasettouchme com.


  • Country origin the United States
  • For the website name, please search me.com
  • Domain experience 16 years
  • Graphic logo for the blue page hand
  • Display single server
  • Artist Rafael Rozendaal
  • Metabase 2005 with all rights reserved
  • History links attached outsider related to a variant.
  • Original position single-hand extension with hundred interlink websites
  • Server work mode drag and click

Why Is It Trending?

This news is trending due to the digital archive position which the platform provides. Best guides and queries the link open through the data allow the Pleasettouchme com user to access virtually to various tablets image grades charts and maps and access the largest public instance to wiki-based software.

The federation of 8 wastes also gives rhizome as an app to solve all the queries and give out immediate solutions to every user across the globe.


  • Is the history related to the 8 base which works for video games?
  • The art we strive to provide digital archive position for softwares video games, poems and electronic literature and moving images Vivek from 2200 work types.
  • Can the image be used in the arteries of the software?
  • The Pleasettouchme com tries to provide an infrastructure related to the variant, which involves offline exhibition of art and periodic base of communities as per target.
  • Is there any interface as a default setup in the system?
  • The organization tries to provide a medium-sized digital artwork as a partnership with limited resources. It also gives a keyword search for a better workspace.


Concluding this news, our expert states that this site is 16 years old and popularizes certain content related to anonymous websites, which website from us is trying to engage users in certain activities of website commentary and authority.

Do you think the website is Pleasettouchme com scam?

Comment below your opinion on the website listed on the discord and other internet portals for easy use.

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