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Pre Order Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Bonus {Nov 2021} See

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This article highlights the importance, date, time, and size of Pre Order Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Bonus.

Every child had admired the Pokémon series. Is it true in your case too? Yeah! It would be. Therefore, you are here to read this article. 

Do you know these series have a gaming section for all the crazy fans? We hope you are aware of it. That’s the reason you are here to learn about the updates on Pre Order Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Bonus.

The Nintendo Switch system in this series gave a nostalgic experience to the players of Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

What is Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

It is the game that has been created with the original story base. This remake in the gaming series provides easy understanding, up-close with Pokemon battle scenes, and is player-friendly with a convenient approach. 

Pokémon battle has taken rebirth in the Nintendo Switch system. Pokemon remake has three different versions that offer a pre-order digitally.

Nintendo eShop will provide a pre-order for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond directly for $59.99.

What is Pre Order Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Bonus?

The purchase of this game provides benefits that depend on the way you accept it. It could be different for purchasing in an e-shop or physically from the retailer.

  • Digital: If you purchase the game through Nintendo eShop, you will avail yourself of two bonus packages. The first, with the standalone game with $59 and the other with the double pack with $119.
  • Retailer: It is the same as Digital. 

The standalone digital pre-order game provides; offer like Manaphy Egg with 12 Quick Balls. In contrast, the double pack offer will provide Manaphy Egg with 12 Quick Balls and 200 Poke Balls.

The below section; provides you with an overview of Pre Order Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Bonus release date and time with the file size; that you need for this bonus. 

Release Time and Date:

  • Release date: 19th November
  • Release time: Eastern: 12 am
  • West Coast: 9 pm 

eShop release times are not the same as mentioned. However, the mentioned time and date are the best probability at the time of this published write-up.

File size: 

According to the eShop platform, Pokemon Brilliant diamond needs 6.7 GB each. Suppose you aim to purchase both games. Then, you will at least need 13.4 GB of free space. 

Why is it trending these days? 

Pre Order Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Bonus was released on Nintendo Switch. Hence all the maniac players of this game are ready for the launch.

The majority of the Nintendo releases are launched every Friday. In this case, it was the 19th of November. 

The successful buyers of this pre-order had gained a special offer of Dialga and Palkia pins. It is a trending fact of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. 

Final thought

This article provides updates on the recent dates and times of pre-order in the Pokémon Brilliant Diamond game. It will help for the better prepared to match up with hardcore trainer’s strategies. Add your thoughts and knowledge on Pre Order Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Bonus in the comment section below.

Also, you can use this link to pre-order.

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