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Project Avatar Trello {June} Game Details, Latest Codes!

Project Avatar Trello guide is about the latest Roblox game that has an update. We will give here codes that you can use to excel the power.

Are you playing Project Avatar by madhouse productions? Have you heard of this Roblox game? It is one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox.

Players across the United States are looking for freebies for this game. We are here with the guide discussing code, discord link, wiki, and how to redeem those codes in Project Avatar Trello. Do not delay, and let us begin the discussion.

What is Project Avatar?

Project Avatar is in its early testing phase and developed by Madhouse Productions. The game was created on Roblox on 12 June 2022 but updated on 27 June 2022. And after the update, players are looking for more and more codes to build the character. No trello link is found for this game.

Project Avatar is about creating a character and transforming it into a powerful fighter. Another anime-inspired game where you can use power, defeat opponents, respawn and be at the top of the leader board. But for this, you might need codes!

Project Avatar Wiki for code

In the game, you must stay at the top of the leaderboard, and for this, grab and use as many codes as possible. Moreover, to defeat any opponent in the game and establish your deserving status as the Avatar, master these powers and level up each element.

Yen as an in-game currency is earned each time you eliminate an opponent and keep your level up. Become an expert in your chosen character in whichever way you like! It means there is an opportunity to reroll and claim new power if you die.

Active Project Avatar Codes for the game:

  • !GOATSTATUS: skin reroll 
  • !CONTENTUPDATES: talent reroll
  • !MADHOUSE: character reroll
  • !JULIANHAK06: reroll an element
  • Reroll an element with-!RETSUNOTETSU2
  • !AVATARPROJECT: Reroll an element
  • The element reroll-!CHEFTACKO
  • !LAZGOCRAZY: elements were rerolled
  • !9994LIFE: skin reroll
  • !BALANCED: Reroll talent
  • Family rerolls for:!BOBRUFUS
  •  Element reroll on Twitter:!FOLLOWONTWITTER
  • !FREETRAIT: Reroll a trait
  • !RELEASED: Receive750 yen

Make sure to enter the code as it is written here to avoid mistakes and get the benefits. Moreover, here is the discord link that you can use https://discord.com/invite/VHa2ejZJgC for this game. Furthermore, we are working on Project Avatar Trello and will update you as soon as possible.

What procedure can you follow to redeem these codes?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to redeem the Project Avatar code:

  • Enter the game.
  • You will see a chat box popping in the top-left corner,
  • Type the code which you need into that.
  • Alternatively, paste the code after coping from our guide.
  • Click Enter button to receive rewards. Also, read here for the information on Roblox Generators.


Roblox Project Avatar game is an all-genre game where the aim is to fight and defeat them to rule. You can always stay up-to-date with codes following the developer’s Twitter handle or discord that we provided in the Project Avatar Trello guide. To play the Project Avatar game, click here.

Were you already aware of this game? Do tell us at what level you reached in the Project Avatar game.

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