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Prouni Fies Kroton com BR has shared details of the Prouni scholarship program for the year 2022 and discussed problems felt by students.

The Prouni program has facilitated many students from Brazil to complete their professional courses at reasonable educational fees. The process of selection for the year 2022 has started, and students looking to get their scholarship have registered for it.

Some students are facing problems while submitting their documents for the first call, and many are interested in knowing about its whole schedule. If you have not got the first call, you shouldn’t worry, as Prouni Fies Kroton com BR will discuss all other options for getting the scholarship.

Prouni Document for First Call:

Students registered for the Prouni scholarship program must have got their first call, and they are required to submit their documents. 

According to media reports, some students face problems while submitting their documents on the Prouni Website.

We have listed below the documents required for First Call.

  • Income Certificate – Candidates are required to submit their family income that should be less than minimum wage per capita. To arrive at this, add all the family members’ income and divide it by the number of members. Income should be less than R$1818 for getting the scholarship.
  • High school certificate – Prazo Prouni 2022 requires students to submit their high school certificate for getting the scholarship.

Prouni 2022 Schedule:

Students applying for scholarships should have an updated program schedule so that they do not miss any deadline. 

  • Date of Registration – It was scheduled between 22nd and 25th February.
  • Date for the First call – 2nd March 2022.
  • Submitting document for the First call – From 3rd to 14th March
  • Date for Second Call – 21st March
  • Submitting document for Second Call – From 21st to 29th March
  • Date for application to the waiting list – 4th to 5th April
  • Waiting list disclosure for institutions – 7th April
  • Submitting document for the waiting list – 8th to 13th April

Prouni Fies Kroton com BR:

According to media reports, many applicants are facing problems while submitting their documents for the First call. The last date for submitting the document on the Kroton website is 14th March 2022, but it is showing errors to some applicants.

Some students complained that while assessing the Kroton site, they were asked to inform their CPF and continue. After giving their CPF, they could not log in, which resulted in the non-submission of their document for First Call.

Students use the Kroton website to submit their documents for getting their scholarships.

Prazo Prouni 2022 Courses:

The government has tried to provide all kinds of courses within this scholarship program to avail quality education. We have listed below the name of some courses available in this program.

  • Students can opt for graduate programs in different subjects.
  • Bachelor of Management and Accounting subjects.
  • Other professional courses.

Availability of seats will depend on the choice of college and the type of scholarship earned by each student.

Final verdict:

We have given the schedule for Prouni through different options. Students unable to get the first call can try for a second call and hope for the best.

Prouni Fies Kroton com BR wants students to share their views on Prouni 2022 in the comment section.

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