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Quality Ad Shoe Review [2020] Is It Scam or Not?

Quality Ad Shoe Review 2020

Quality Ad Shoe Review [2020] Is It Scam or Not? -> In this article, we review Qualityadd Com, an online store that sells all types of shoes.

Are you looking to buy sneakers, sports shoes, or just some casual shoes? Qualityadd is the perfect place for that. Qualityadd offers the latest designs and trends of shoes at affordable prices.

QualityAdd Review

If you’re looking to buy the latest brands or the latest trends, QualityAdd will prove very helpful. You can obtain quality shoes of prominent brands at affordable prices.

QualityAdd Com provides all the latest designs and keeps itself updated with all the latest trends in fashion. They have a considerably vast collection of different types of shoes, so the users can find what they’re searching.

According to our Quality Ad Shoe Review, the shoes are of high quality, as they sell shoes by the most prominent brands like Nike, Puma, etc.

Currently, the site is trending in the United States, where it has gained a significant amount of popularity and experiences moderate traffic on its website in the region.

The site guarantees premium quality at the lowest prices on the internet.

In this review, we will look at all the other details of this website, like it’s advantages, disadvantages, price range, and the most important question of all- Is legit?

What is QualityAdd?

QualityAdd is an online store that sells premium quality products (mostly shoes) at reasonable prices. They offer a massive collection of shoes to choose from, all the while guaranteeing that it is secure to purchase from them.

Products and brands like Nike Air Max, Nike Vapormax, Jordan Air Jordan, Adidas, and Yeezy can be easily seen on the site, and they have a dedicated section for the products mentioned above.

It always adds the latest designs to its stores frequently. They assure reasonable pricing of their products and guarantee their prices to be lower than other stores.

But before you go ahead and order from this website, let’s take a look at all the other details of this website, such as shipping costs, refund and return policies, etc.

We’ll also address the question- Is legit?

Specifications of QualityAdd:

  • Website- Branded shoes 
  • Email-
  • Address-  3111 Wyandotte St Suite 207, Kansas City, MO 64111 United State
  • Contact number- (816) 866-3368
  • Shipping time- 3-5 days (within the US) worldwide delivery)
  • Delivery time- 7-8 days (within the US)
  • Returns- an item to be returned in 30 days of receiving the order
  • Exchange- It applies to a majority of the products.
  • Refund- It initiates in 4-6 days after receiving the returned item.
  • Payment- Credit Card

Is Qualityadd Com legit?

The site provides items by popular brands at relatively lower prices. The site is not as well maintained as you’d like it to be. The website is not very popular, but it still offers premium products at low prices, also claiming to be cheaper than other stores. It is possible if they cut their profits.

Also, all of the necessary information like email, address, and contact no have been provided on the site.

The website thus, in our opinion, seems legit.

It’s still a new website and may take some time to improve itself. However, we do not suspect this website to be a fraud or scam

So, Qualityadd Com is legit.

Pros of buying from Qualityadd:

  • Items of famous brands are available.
  • The products are available at comparatively lower prices.
  • Refund and exchange apply to a majority of the products.
  •  They offer worldwide free delivery applicable to a majority of locations.
  • New products are added frequently to the store.

Cons of buying from Qualityadd:

  • It only allows payment through Credit Card.
  • You have to bear the cost of returning the damaged product to the provided address.
  • People living outside of the US may find it expensive.
  • The site is not very well maintained.

What are the customers saying about QualityAdd?

The site allows customers to post Quality Ad Shoe Review. However, there were no customer reviews on most of the products. It confirms the lack of popularity of this site. We had to search on other platforms to find out the experiences of customers who bought from this website. It was difficult finding them on other platforms as well, but we managed to find a few of them.

Majority of the customers were satisfied with the product they received and also praised the website for having products at such low prices. 

However, a few of them complained that the products were in fact copies of the brands, not the brands themselves, but failed to provide any evidence to solidify their claim. 

However, most of the reviews were in favour of the website. Customers also praised several other benefits such as free delivery and easy return policies. The negative responses were very few compared to the positive responses.

Final Verdict

Now that we have looked at all the details of this website, it’s time to decide if this site is legit or not? Is it worth your money? Is legit?

The site offers branded products at lower prices. They provide worldwide free delivery to a majority of locations. They keep themselves updated with the latest trends.

However, they accept payment only through Credit Card. The site is new and not very popular, so we cannot comment on the legitimacy of the site, with complete assurance. But the website seems legit. We have no reason to believe the website to be a scam, as all the relevant information like is provided on the site.

We suggest our readers order from this website as it does not appear to be a scam. If they do not find the quality of the product to be what they expected, they can be quickly returned.


  1. I ordered a pair of kicks over a week ago. Something felt odd about the order. The money came out of my PayPal account instantly to the name of a person in Chinese. Whatever its called. Mandarin?
    I’ve called the number on the website in Missouri numerous times and have left voice messages & have emailed several times. I still haven’t heard from anyone. I really these shoes but I also want my money back at this point. They seem like a total scam. I’ll be contacting PayPal.

    1. Yooo

      I ordered from there too.

      This entire episode is wack

      My junts better be crispy or it’s a wrap on return business.

      Money is at a premium right now…@qualityadd

      I’m going to need minez OR my stuff asap


    2. Same I’ve tried contacting them, but they will not answer. I have not received a confirmation email either so idk

    3. Omg same here my birthday is coming up and I ordered from them I guess I won’t be getting anything 🙁

      1. I now have the ability to track my package, I ordered May 14th and today is the 19th so I would say that’s pretty quick. It’s obviously coming from china. They gave me something called Track17 to track my package.

  2. Oh, snap.

    I ordered the same day as this guys review ^.

    Now I’m worried. I’ll give it til Wednesday but my money is out of my account and I haven’t gotten an email or anything AND my order on the site reads “pending”

    I ordered from footlocker and ruelala the same day and I have the stuff already…

    Seems sketchy…and I pray that my sneaks are legit…fakes will be returned expeditiously.

    Step y’all game up @qualityadd

    1. Site is a scam for sure off white UNC Jordan 1 for $138!!!! Lmao!!!!! Yeah do yourself a favor and dont waste your time lol

  3. I placed a order on April 30th still no shoes no refund. The number that’s on the website is now disconnected ☹️

  4. I ordered since April 29th I never recieved anything I called email them no answer hope I get my stuff for real yo or I he wilding for real

  5. ordered some shoes from them. they didn’t send anything anybody have any luck getting their money back through paypal instead of the buyer?

  6. Has anybody ever get there shoe from this website cause it looks kind of suspicious. I don’t know if this site is legit?
    Has anybody ever get smooth service from this site?

  7. Just an update, after reading these reviews I immediately disputed my transaction on PayPal. They have opened a case and it says that they have messaged the seller about it and he is expected to respond before May 31st. Since then, the mysterious seller who’s name is in some type of mandarin or Chinese of some sort has “updated shipping details” which claims my shoes have shipped. I now have a tracking number for a courier called “ChinaPost.” Although he has not directly responded to my dispute of the transaction?Maybe he saw that I disputed it and decided to update shipping details, but it still says pending on the website when I log into my account and look under my orders. I’ll keep y’all updated.

      1. exactly as suspected, these are from china which will take 30 days to receive before Covid-19, who knows when or if any of you will receive your orders. I was just about to order, but chose to google their reviews.

    1. omg so i ordered a pari of shoes today and i had just read the comments on this post and now im so scared and sad that its a scam and i wont be able to get my moms money back because i didnt have a paypal account i used as guest and i really just want a refund im so dumb im so sad it was going to be my birthday present. I hope it at least comes

  8. I ordered some Jordan’s for my son May 7th. I received notification of a tracking number. Called USPS and they said the shipper has not brought the item to be shipped. I think I’ve been scammed. Contacting paypal to see what can be done.

  9. Gab I thought they only take credit cards? Or is PayPal automatic even if using credit card? Also on the site I found these reviews it stated that this place was legit? They said they had to search for comments and that most comments were positive. But all I’ve seen are negative 🤔. But your latest review sounds like things are starting to get done….. So does that mean it’s starting to look positive? I’m also concerned about the sneakers themselves being fakes…. Is there an easy way to spot them if they are? I would ordering Nike Air Max 97’s. I have two legitimate pairs. Do you know of any way to tell if the new pair were legit? Does comparing them to legit ones help? I believe that the Air Max 97 have different material and structure on some even when legit

  10. I got an email from them today! They seem legit and polite, they are giving me my transaction number. I’ll keep y’all posted.

  11. Ordered mine April 28th. Sent them an email asking about it and Got an email saying that it’s overseas so it takes a while and a tracking number saying that my package is in pre ship on may 3. Hasn’t updated sense. I emailed them asking for a personal update and no one responded. I was going to wait till next week because I know that Ali express takes up to month sometimes but it seems like no one is getting their shoes.

    1. When you get your transaction # go to….My retro 1s are on the way..Let’s remember these shoes are coming from China during a pandemic..I’m

  12. omg so i ordered a pari of shoes today and i had just read the comments on this post and now im so scared and sad that its a scam and i wont be able to get my moms money back because i didnt have a paypal account i used as guest and i really just want a refund im so dumb im so sad it was going to be my birthday present. I hope it at least comes

  13. It’s I got a shipping code also those countries take up to 64 days to actually get to the us sometimes it may not come with a box but your shoes are coming have you ever heard of dhgate or wish. This is that in shoe form

  14. I’m glad that I read these reviews before I ordered. I actually tried to place an order like 3 times. Their system is whack! Wouldn’t process. As much as I want to believe, these reviews have convinced me that this site is a scam. But DODBUZZ says they’re legit. I don’t think so. I won’t take the chance. I can’t afford to just throw away money. Not any amount.

    1. Phone number disconnected and address is a tattoo shop who won’t answer phone but will text you…” Thank you for calling Hand & Dagger Tattoo. We are sorry we missed you! Please drop us a message and one of our artists will get back to you as soon as possible” DO NOT ORDER FROM QUALITY ADD… I HAVE EMAILED AND TRIED TO GET IN TOUCH WITH PAY PAL
      .. NO RESPONSE. Has anyone else got their shoes ? If so are they take?

  15. The website is down now, I was going to order the DBZ Adidas until I noticed that they had all the Yeezy’s in stock for less than 200 and that was just a red flag for me, I hope all issues get resolve fast

  16. Lmaoo they are clearly a site that sells fake sneakers. Off Whites UNC’s for $136? If that wasn’t a dead giveaway then you deserved to be scammed. It blows my mind to think there are people who think someone is selling a $2k shoe for $136. That’s not even retail. There are really some dense people out there smh.

  17. These sneakers are no doubt fakes. So it might not be a scam in a sense of then taking your money and you not getting your product, it is on the fact they are selling sneakers as authentic but they are actually fake. I wouldn’t buy from them I would rather spend a couple extra dollars and order from stock x or other sites that sell actual authentic sneakers.

  18. Can someone please let me know if i can trust this website? Cause i really want to buy a pair, but if it bad then obvously not.

  19. Getting updates from USPS on my shoes! It’s says they re in transit in Shanghai. I’m hopeful it’s not a scam, why would someone waste all their time doing this? I’ll keep on posting what’s up. It might take a while.

  20. What a crap and misleading article!! You promoted a scam site! They probably have paid or fake reviews that you guys used and is you really wanted to check their legitimacy why wouldn’t you just order a pair of sneakers and let us know how the process goes!! Didn’t even use common sense to draw your conclusions that they are in fact legit! Dodbuzz you are remedial in reporting and this site is definitely a scam!!! #fakenews

  21. I ordered 2 days ago and no shipping info was given but I disputed the transaction with my bank and Paypal something is definitely odd, even if it does take long where’s the confirmation email and order info. I ordered shoes from Stockx and immediately got an email about tracking and date to be expecting. they email for every step so this sounds like a scam and the minute you don’t see contact address or number only email something is wrong. People make fake email address all the time. Best of luck. order from stores that are familiar if it’s really cheap then you know it may be a scam or fake shoes. How do they have shoes everybody is sold out of coincidence think not.

  22. They are all Chinese knockoffs just like on that’s why they are so cheap. Some of them you can’t tell the difference from and some are pretty bad. The orders will usually take at least a month to get to you though because it’s coming from China.

  23. My shoes were delayed and I ordered last week. Remember, this is during a pandemic. They said this is why it is taking longer and they are so sorry. They are really nice people and when emailing them remember that their time isn’t the same as ours. So far they have responded to all my emails, about a day off. Keep hope people! I’ll let y’all know if I get them.

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