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Qunerstore Reviews {July 2021} Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Qunerstore Reviews 20212.

Qunerstore Reviews {July 2021} Is It A Scam Or Legit?  >> By going through the detailed review of this online multiproduct seller in this article, most of your questions will be answered regarding its legitimacy.

Do you want to boost your style statement? Are you too bored of those old and plainclothes? Then Qunerstore is the place for you which can help you.

Qunerstore is a multiproduct online platform based in the United States. It provides you with new and quirky printed t-shirts and various accessories that go with them. Apart from that it also sells various daily use products which are hard to come by, like ice cream maker etc. But before getting anything from the website, read this write up on Qunerstore Reviews.

Overview of

Qunerstore is an online store based in the United States. It deals in a wide range of products, out of which we are listing some as below:

  • Men’s printed t-shirt.
  • Women’s printed t-shirt.
  • Home Slushie maker.
  • Electric ice cream maker.
  • Tabletop grill.
  • Party games.
  • Electric coffee maker.
  • Shock system for swimming pools.

Many new websites are indulged in fraudulent activities, so, before purchasing on this website, please read this post to answer the question, Is Qunerstore Legit?

Features of Qunerstore (

  • Purchase men’s and women’s t-shirts at
  • Contact details:
  • Official address is not mentioned on the website.
  • Purchase daily-use products like pool cleaner etc.
  • Purchase electrical appliances like coffee maker etc.
  • Payment only through credit card.
  • Customer reviews are not found anywhere.

Privacy policy:

  • Website collects data like I.P address, approximate location, device details etc.
  • Data used for targeting ads to the customer.
  • Data given to third party websites.
  • Data collected even if do not track is on.
  • Shipping and return policy:
  • Worldwide shipping, ranging from 5-15 days found while searching Qunerstore Reviews.
  • 30-day return on selected products.
  • Gift cards, software and healthcare items are non-refundable.
  • Books, CDs, DVDs and damaged items are partially refunded. 
  • Items bought during a sale are not refunded.
  • Products have to be shipped by the customer for getting a refund.

Positive highlights

  • Many types of printed t-shirts, for men and women.
  • High-quality product images and descriptions.
  • It offers the latest fashionable products.
  • It has a well-versed return and privacy policy.

Negative highlights

  • Zero product reviews found on any products by the customers.
  • Trust rank is 2%, which raises the question, Is Qunerstore Legit?
  • Contact details are unreliable, as the email of the website host is provided ( ).
  • No owner details of the website are mentioned anywhere.
  • The website was made on 28-05-2021, which is very new.
  • The reviews of this website are not found anywhere.


The website was registered on 28-05-2021, which is very recent and raises suspicion. However, further subpoints listed will help you determine if the website is safe or not.

  • Website reviews: The official website host no Qunerstore Reviews, which increases suspicion.
  • Site functions: Some links take us to an unrelated website.
  • Trust rank: The website’s trust rank is 2%, which is very low and hard to trust.
  • Privacy & security: It shares data with third-party affiliates and acquires data even after do not track is turned on. 
  • Social networks:  No social media links are found anywhere, which is a red alert and shows zero popularity of the website.
  • Design: The home page is not well laid out or optimized. Also, metadata is not organized.

After analysing all the above points, we can say that Qunerstore is not completely legitimate.

Qunerstore Reviews

After searching the internet, no reviews are found on any other website. The official website does not hold any product reviews. Further, no social media presence anywhere means user traffic is zero, and this website has no popularity. All this suggesting that it has a bad foundation and should not be trusted.

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If you want further information on Qunerstore user-traffic, then go here – 

Final Summary

The products listed on the website are good, but they have no reviews. Trust rank is just 2%, and any other website hosts no Qunerstore Reviews. This website is registered on 28-05-2021, which is very new and reduces trust. The product price is very high, and there’s no proof of them being delivered. It doesn’t have a well-laid home page. The contact details are unreliable. Thus, we do not recommend that you buy from this website, as it has no strong fundamentals. 

If you need any help regarding a PayPal issue, you can try this link.

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