Random Act Of Kindness Day UK (Feb) Details Inside!

Random Act Of Kindness Day UK 2021

Random Act Of Kindness Day UK (Feb) Details Inside! >> Want to know how people celebrated this popular day? Then please stay tuned with this article.

Random Act of Kindness Day UK: February 17 is noted for this every year; this is the perfect time to make someone feel happy, especially in this challenging phase. Kindness is not limited to one day; you can be kind by doing simple things all around the year. Always remember we rise by lifting others.

Suppose you want to know how the special day is celebrated in the United Kingdom, and some top ideas to bring happiness into life. Then please stay tuned here with us.

What is Random Act of Kindness Day UK?

The people in the United Kingdom celebrates this day every year on February 17, founded in 2004 in New Zealand, but first observed by the Foundation named Victoria. The main motto is to encourage kindness and spread love all around.

Top Ideas You Can Do on this Occasion

  • Motivate someone by telling them the positive points they have.
  • Help if anybody is seeking it. 
  • Encourage someone who is broken.
  • Go for a long drive and walk with your loved one.
  • Help your loved one in cooking.
  • Order some surprise flowers or chocolates for someone you care about. 
  • Leave a special note to someone you like.
  • Donate to the charity, trust, or food bank.
  • Smile at some stranger to make them feel special.
  • Tell your family and friend how much you love them.
  • Greet and ask how are you to the people you meet.
  • Text or call your friend and family to let them know that you are thinking about them.

We are sure these little things bring so much happiness in someone’s life on the Random Act of Kindness Day UK. Take the opportunity to lift the spirit of someone by an act of kindness.

Some famous Quotes and Facts about Random Act of Kindness Day

  • From research, it is proven that being kind can reduce stress, anxiety, and significant health issues.
  • Studies show that people of age 55 and above who make them involved in few organizations have a lower risk of health issues.
  • Evidence shows that the more you do for others with kindness, the more you get.
  • Mother Theresa saying on kindness reveals that Spread love everywhere you go and let no one ever come to you sad.
  • Caroline Flack, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” 

Don’t Forget to be Kind to Yourself

Random Act of Kindness Day UK is not only about making someone else happy it is about being kind to yourself too:

  • Have your “me” time once a week that makes you feel relaxed and energized.
  • Make time to cultivate your hobbies.
  • Spend some good time with nature.
  • Keep some dedicated time for your likings like shopping, gardening, exercise, etc. 

Final Verdict

Even though the Random Act of Kindness Day is celebrated on February 17 annually, but one can be kind all day around. Get to know what this special day is about? In this article and try to be kind once in a while and know how special you feel. Lastly, we suggest you be kind to yourself as well. 

Do you know anything more about the Random Act of Kindness Day UK? Let us also know in the comments section below.

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