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Robin Hood App Reviews (Jan) Let Us Talk About It!

Robin Hood App Reviews (Jan) Let Us Talk About It! >> Curious to know what people are saying about the popular trading app? Then please read the complete article here.

Robin Hood App Reviews: Do you know Robinhood Stock is the first no commission stock brokerage app? It changed people’s mindsets in the investment field. Many Android users have recently reviewed the app on the play store; the United States and the United Kingdom users want to know its complete details.

If you are one of those seekers, then go through the post thoroughly.

About Robinhood Stock 

The domain age of the portal is obtained as 1995-11-30, which is an old app. It is founded by Baiju Bhatt and Vladimir Tenev. The story began when both were classmates and roommates; after their graduation, they moved to the U.S and started their own finance company. Here, they came to know how people are being charged money for a single trade. 

So they decided to build a trading company whose primary aim is to make the financial investment affordable, fun, easy, and with zero commission. It received significant growth since 2013, and as the end of 2020, the total number of users is 10,000,000. Thus, it became popular in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Robin Hood App Reviews

Robinhood went through an extreme examination on Thursday, when the stock trading app declared the purchase of AMC, GameStop, and many others would-be blocked popularly made by subreddit. Some Robinhood Stock app users arranged a campaign to give an app one-star review on Apple and Google Play Store; succeeded in review bombing, and the app reviews went to one star on Google Play Store.

There is evidence over the internet where a one-star rating and 275,000 reviews were present on Thursday. And just a few minutes before this incident, the app was having four-star and around 1, 80,000 reviews. 

Considering the Robin Hood App Reviews and as per our research, the Robinhood Stock app’s rating on the App Store is 4.8 stars from more than 2.4 million ratings. There is no change in star rating in the Apple store.

Reasons for this Incident 

Robinhood was among one Brokerage Company that limited trading of GME and many popular stocks. Robinhood confirmed in a post that it would block buying, not selling transactions for various companies, including $AMC, $BB, $BBBY, $NAKD. 

The decision grabbed many users’ attention, and many gave reviews firing on Google and Apple Play Store. Read the actions taken for Robin Hood App Reviews in the stanza below.

What actions did Robinhood take after this incident?

Google actively deleted most of the negative reviews of nearly 100,000 to bring back its rating to four stars. The team says it has a system that combines human intelligence with machine learning to detect violations against ratings and reviews. In response to this, Google says the company does not have the right to delete reviews themselves.

The unsatisfied Robinhood app users are not only taking revenge by bringing down ratings and reviews, but they are also calling lawsuit. On Thursday late night Robinhood said halting purchases on Thursday was a risk management decision so that it would allow limited buys on Friday.

Final Verdict 

We hope the write-up here helps you know the reasons for app reviews. Not allowing to buy from many companies’ decisions drew many users’ attention. The campaign is organized where the users gave a 1-star rating on Google Play Store; however, it is still safe in the App Store with 4.8 ratings. 

What are your thoughts and views for Robin Hood App Reviews? You can also share them about the app by commenting in the section provided below.

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