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Route 24 NJ Accident {May} What Had Happened? Know Here!

Today’s article on Route 24 NJ Accident will inform our readers of the latest news of the accident that took place on Route 24, Summit, NJ.

Have you heard of the accident on Route 24 in Summit, New Jersey? An accident took place on Route 24 in which one person died on the spot while others were found critically injured.  New Jersey is a populous state located in the Northeast parts of the United States

Today, in this article, we’ll learn more about the Route 24 NJ Accident. Please read the full article to know any current updates on the multi-vehicle crash that took place on Route 24, Summit, NJ.

What happened on Route 24, Summit, NJ?

According to the sources, a serious accident occurred in the eastbound street near Hobart Avenue at around 2.30 p.m. Summit is a city located in the northern areas of New Jersey.

One person was killed in the accident, while several others reported having critical injuries and were shifted to a nearby local hospital via ambulance. 

According to the emergency responders, a tractor-trailer and five cars were involved in the multi-vehicle crash.

Current update on Route 24 Accident Today

A multi-vehicle crash occurred on Route 24, Eastbound Street, in Summit, New Jersey. It was reported that several vehicles, including a tractor-trailer and five cars, were involved in the wreck. 

It was a dangerous crash in which one person died on the spot, and several others were rescued from their vehicles by the Summit firefighters, but they were found in critical condition. A large number of injured people were taken to the local hospitals by ambulance and are being taken care of.

What could be the cause of the accident?

In the Route 24 NJ Accident, which occurred at around 2.30 p.m., several vehicles were involved, which led to a multi-vehicle crash. 

Emergency workers were immediately called to the point of the accident, who reported that one person was killed in the accident while several others were critically injured. 

NJ State Police has reported that one severely injured person was taken to the University Hospital, Newark, by a medical helicopter. Several other people were carried to the local hospitals via ambulance. A piece of detailed information on the condition of the wounded people has not been released yet.

Police have also been investigating the cause of the Route 24 NJ Accident. However, no information has been released on that matter yet. The cause of the accident is still unknown.


In today’s article, we tried to explain the incident at Route 24, Eastbound Street, Summit, New Jersey. One person was found dead in the accident. However, several others were found injured and taken to the local hospital by ambulance. However, the investigation is going on to find the real cause behind the accident. Please check this link to know more about the Route 24 Accident

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