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Royal Ltd Scam {Feb 2021} Alert! Stay Away From Scam!

Royal Ltd Scam {Feb 2021} Alert! Stay Away From Scam! >> This write-up solely shares advices on how customers can stay safe from fake parcel delivery scams.

Have you received emails or messages to discharge your packages paying some fees? If yes, read the content about Royal Ltd Scam and beware of such scams. 

This scam relates to the non-delivery of any package to the destination. The scammers demand money to deliver the goods. The people of the United Kingdom are curious to know about the scam.

They can check the content to grab details about the scam and ways to stay away from it. 

What do you know about a parcel delivery scam?

Parcel delivery scam is circulating nationally in the UK. People are receiving fraudulent emails from renowned parcel delivery companies. These fraud mails claim that customers have undelivered packages lying with the delivery company

Here the scammers also mention paying a certain amount of fee to clear those packages. 

What is Royal Ltd Scam? 

People of the United Kingdom complain that they are receiving messages from Royal Mail for undelivered packages. The sender of these emails mentions that they cannot deliver your packages without the discharge fee. 

The email or message also mentions rescheduling the package delivery.  

How do the scammers steal money?

This scam has spread all over the country. Once you check the email, you will get a link, namely, reschedule now. Whenever the receiver of the email clicks on the link, it prompts to provide the bank details. It also mentions paying £4 as a redelivery fee.

What does Royal mail advice?

Royal Ltd Scam makes people fool by sending fake messages. Such messages are damaging the Goodwill of Royal Ltd. Hence the company has started initiatives to make people aware of phishing emails and text messages.  

The company warns citizens not to click on the emails and open them. Customers should not open these links and provide their details. To ease the checking process, whether the emails are fake or not, the company has mentioned some guidelines to check. The company also asks the customers to report such scam mails by completing their online form. 

What customers to check if the email is fraud or not?

To stay safe from fraudulent emails, customers need to check some areas. In general, scammers use impersonal or general greetings. Customers will get Royal Ltd Scam emails from a forged address like delivery@royalmail.com. 

A scam mail or message will often state that your parcel is waiting for delivery and will ask you to pay a delivery charge. But Royal Ltd will never ask for such payment. Hence a customer should be beware of clicking on a link that asks to share your personal information. 

Customers need to ensure that their email account contains a spam filter. 


The parcel delivery scam in the UK has made many people dupe. Hence every customer should be aware of opening any email and link that asks to share your financial details. 

Have you already faced a parcel delivery scam? Do you want to know more about Royal Ltd ScamPlease share your valuable outlook in the box below.

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