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Sakuya Aut (Sep 2021) Know About The Recent Updates!

This post provides its users with a few facts about Sakuya Aut, A Universal Time, where she stops time and throws knives at its enemies or targets.

The Spec based on Sakuya is a fifth stage boss female from Touhou six, “The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.” 

All Roblox players must commence the quest of Sakuya Izayoi to obtain it. Besides, players may utilize the Watch when they would be stand less. 

Several Roblox players Worldwide search for options to utilize Watch and details of Sakuya and the AUT. The article below will help you know about Sakuya Aut, its actives, passives, and more features. 

What are the passives of Sakuya?

The passives for Sakuya are as follows:

  • It is stoppable because this Spec would move according to the stopped time.
  • There is a knife creation for Sakuya as the users may acquire three knives each second.
  • Health is the primary passive in Sakuya because the players will have about one thousand health.

Besides, there are many subsequent actives of Sakuya that users Worldwide may learn in the coming sections and know that how she targets enemies and objectives as she has more authority.

Who is Sakuya Aut?

A spec in the Roblox game, which the players can obtain by utilizing Watch on standless. Besides, this Watch can be achieved by the Roblox players, and most probably, it would always be obtained.

What are the actives in the game?

The actives in the game are as follows:

  • “B” is for the world of Sakuya- She stops time to her benefit and throws knives without a cooldown. 
  • “E” is for the unknown world- Sakuya stops the time to throw lethal knives at any player randomly subsequently.
  • “F” is Sukaya- She stops time to unleash several poisonous knives at the enemy or victim subsequently.
  •  “R” is for Breaker Barrage- Sakuya Aut stops time to throw many knives at the rivals subsequently.
  •  “T” is Reverse Awaken- She translates return where she was about three seconds earlier and exploded.
  • “V” is for Outside the world of Sakuya- Sakuya teleports at her cursor, pushing all close to her front as if she is speeding time. Then she throws many knives.

A few additional facts about Sakuya:

Sakuya is so powerful that she can stop time and throws many knives in the air and stops time. Besides, Sakuya allows it to advance once more, and the knives hit their objective.

Freezing time is an effective method for completing a maid’s numerous tasks briefly by Sakuya Aut.

It is because practically all who work or live in the estate is a servant. And, being their head or boss means limited individuals have extra authority or power in the mansion than Sakuya.

Besides, Sakuya freezes time and keeps throwing knives at the victims, taking advantage of having more authority.

Final Verdict:

Sakuya, the primary servant, serves and works for Giorno Giovanna, appears to be the only natural stand user employed or residing in Passione. 

Also, find here more facts about Sakuya and A Universal Time.  Finally, please check here How Gamers detect robux generator is fake or not and write your views about our topic on Sakuya Aut in the end.

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