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Salgant com Reviews (June) Legit or a Fake Online Scam?

Salgant com Reviews (June) Legit or a Fake Online Scam? >> In this article, you have collected the required piece of information you need about the website and the answers to the question you have.

Getting all the traditional and unique house covers are difficult to find and buy.

Salgant.com produce the stuff to solve the problem you face for covers. Salgant.com review says that the United States is using the website and giving excellent reviews.

In this article, you will get to know about the necessary details of the website. Company shares all the guidelines to go through before shopping or resolves all the queries you may have any time.

What is Salgant.com?

Salagant.com is the online place selling the household covers and other stuff used for maintaining the beauty of the house. The production has a unique design of bedsheets. The quality of the bottle is stuff and keeps the liquid cold or hot as per the requirement. No smell of plastic or any other chemical cause problem for the users.

You can get all the types of carpets like running carpet, doormat, and more. The bedding produced is done as per the requirement of the customers. Many products like lightweight backpacks, pillowcases, sofa blanket with traditional designs are also available. 

Everything here will give you the best experience toward the decoration and maintaing the satisfaction of being in touch with the culture.

Specification of salgant.com

  • Website – www.salang.com
  • Email address – cs@salgant.com
  • Shipping time – 6-9 days
  • Delivery time – 10 days
  • Return – you can return the product within 15 days of purchase
  • Refund – as soon as the return is received refund is processed with 2- 8 days.
  • Payment – Only online payment mode is applicable 

Is salgant.com worth money or not?

The answer to the above question is Yes it definetly worth the money. We value the money, and we take care of everything that can save our money. No extra charges applied for urgent shipping or the product is returned.

Salgant.com reviews say that in case the product is not delivered due to the wrong delivery address or misguidance towards the address no extra charges applied. As soon as we receive the product back, we initiate the refund process without any deduction in the amount you paid.

The money-saving policies are excellent as compared to other sites and their policies. The product here cost reasonable, and no issue toward the quality occurs.

Pros of Salgant.com

  • Easy to order 
  • The site is userfriendly.
  • You can quickly return if you have any issue.
  • No extra fee charged from the customer
  • The designs and quality is premium

Cons of salgant.com

  • Only online payment
  • Exchange of product not applicable

What customers have to say about us?

The salgant.com review will help you to know about what customers have to say about the website. The ratings which we get from the users are not available on the official website. We are overwhelmed with the love and response we get from the customers. 

The positive and negative viewpoint based on the service we provide and the stuff you get. The customers have to say about the outstanding quality of the products and fast delivery.

Is salgant.com legit or a scam?

The online frauds nowadays cause the problem of trust towards any sites, and the online transaction is the primary issue for online shopping.

Salgant.com review is the source to get the knowledge about the website and the contact details mentioned. The payment here is safe and secure by collecting only a limited amount of information about the bank details.

The guarantee of the refund proved by the users in any case of non delivered product. The information collected is shared with anyone, and the tollfree company number is used to contact the customer. The customer can mail the issue to the company provided on the official website, and then the company return to you within 24 hours. 

Final verdict

In salgant.com review, you have read about the facilities and service we provide to you. All the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantage shared with you. This unbiased review will help you to decide the perfect platform for shopping. 

Let’s see the right sides rather than evil as being happy ith good will lead us to great heights. And we will be able to give you more excellent service. The feedback by you considered as best advice by you people and the team appreciate the emotions you have towards the products you buy for your house.

0 thoughts on “Salgant com Reviews (June) Legit or a Fake Online Scam?

  1. Ordered red chicken rug… not received.. please inform of progress…order ID. 906d9573-780b-4584-b8fb-2c014b9b0751

      1. I am trying to tract my order 90593e8885-410e8cfe-26c87180a-19c was ordered April 18,2020 paid with pay pall Coastal Palm P3009047R
        Geraldine Hineline 1305 Barnsdale St. Lehigh Acres, Fl. 33936 239 225-3268

  2. I just ordered today
    I looked at my receipt and did not c my street number
    Need to add this

    1. I ordered a peacock comforter set at the end of April and i still didn’t. Revived it.Please respond to order.Thank you

  3. I just made a purchase for 80.95 wanted to make sure that u had the correct address my name is Jeanette Gray Address is in Chicago ,Illinois .Thanks

  4. I have ordered a African woman cover for my bed back in the beginning of April,the money was taken out and still haven’t received it. It was a gift,hopefully it is on it’s way,could you please let me know if it is?

    1. My name is Denise purchased 2 comforters that had flip flops on them total 109.00 paid since 4 weeks ago, I have sent several emails to a Deborah no response, I’m feud up with this mess, what can we do about this how do we expose this company, lots of complaints.

  5. I ordered the Peacock CLA2009131B several weeks ago and still haven’t received it. Please tell me if it is e route or if there’s some mistake been made with shipping. Thank you

  6. I ordered the Peacock CLA2009131B several weeks ago and still haven’t received it. Please tell me if it is e route or if there’s been made with shipping. Thank you.

  7. This company is a rip off !!!! I ordered 3 things that they show on sale … have not received anything…… DO NOT order from them !!!!!

  8. This is my second time writing to you. About 5 weeks ago I ordered and paid for the cranberry floral patch bedspread in king size. I have not heard from you regarding my order. Please let me know if I’m receiving this item. I really want this bedspread please at least respond to me about this order. My email is fontad6@aol.com, or text me at 631-921-4268. Thank you.

  9. Please it’s two weeks since I place an order. How long is the waiting for receiving the order. Thank you,

  10. My order placed on April 16 has not been received as of May 21. I did not receive a confirmation email but I was charged.

  11. I ordered a black girl magic bed set but they never emailed me back a confirmation aftrr charging my bank card on May 21, 2020. What can i do?

  12. I have ordered from salgant 2 expensive items over a month ago and texted them over 6 times as to where my order is. I need a phone number to call to talk to someone in person about this. Can you help me with this situation?

    1. Hi Linda…did you get any action on this? Same happened to me…nothing after several months. Were you able to get a phone number? What a sacm this site is. Thanks, Rick

  13. Ok so I ordered some bedding and a rug from y’all and I haven’t heard anything. I am having a problem with my e-mail so if y’all could please call me on my phone I would like to find out where my stuff is or how do I get a refund. My phone number is 936-225-2009. Please contact me as soon as possible. I would greatly appreciate it.

  14. I ordered a king size Birds & Flower Quilt from Salgant. They received my payment of $89.95 on April 13th. I do not have the confirmation number.
    Thank You.. Jackie Hellmandollar 3288 Lundburg Ln Pocatello, ID 83204 PH: 208-317-3220 or 208-775-3667
    e-mail: helmanbuck@cableone.net
    Hoping to hear from you soon….

  15. I ordered a rug on April 11th
    I have been billed. No product has arrived. I have lived at t he same address for 16+ years. and proof-read everthing I type. We are a gated community and noone has had pkgs stolen.
    C. Richardson
    May 24th

  16. ordered sunflower bed spread back in april did not receive it as of may 26 whats going on rosemary palestini

  17. where is my gnome blanket? it was ordered a month ago, if I don’t hear from you today I will file a complaint to the better business bureau. you took my payment

  18. where is my gnome blanket? it was ordered a month ago, if I don’t hear from you today I will file a complaint to the better business bureau. you took my payment to bad I will continue keep writing every day until I hear from you

  19. i ordered a bedspread on May 19 and the shipping should have been 8-10 days. Still haven’t received it. where is it?

  20. I placed an order May 20, 2020 have not received a conformation nor any product how do you reach someone

  21. I ordered a rug for the floor and received 3 months later a pad that had the design on it that I ordered….a 4 x 8 padding.😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 no way to reach the company to return it.

  22. I have also ordered sheets and bed coverings. Never received. Have contacted the Better Business and have reported them. They said they check into . Many , many complaints.

  23. I ordered quilt on may 8, 2020 and have not received it. Please tell me where it is?

  24. I’m dismayed at all the negative comments. I wish I had read this b4 I ordered. I feel so stupid. I suggest that everyone contact the Attorney General’s office in yor city. They will help u get yor money back. Or go to yor bank or credit card company. They can also help u get yor money back. Good luck everyone!!!

  25. How is this shit hole place still able to rip us off???? I just ordered last week!!! It was advertised on FB!!! We should sue Zuckerber!!! I have a friend who specializes in this type of fraud!!! I’m giving him ALL THIS INFORMATION

  26. I order a bed comfort set have not received any thing you promise me a conformation number have not received it.

  27. Why is there no phone number to call this place? I see so many people who ordered with no product sent yet. Including me. My order number is 90a78123-ca77-40d4-9a00-3d84df1fdb52. I wish I could call to get an answer about where it is.

  28. I ordered a rug may 26 and have not received it yet. Order Salgant 25539. ID 90a7aa8b-73fe-410d b67d-73b29148c0cc

  29. I ordered rug and other household items, did not receive confirmation or item tracking number email! I have been emailing and no responses. They did however take the payment already. How long does it take to hear back from you!?

  30. Add me on the list too I haven’t received anything either this is a bunch of crap need my money back or my order

  31. Did anyone know that the designs are spray painted on? I can’t believe it!!!! And a lousy job….gray spots on the fabric. Picture shows bright white. What actually came is light gray. All the colors are off. Cheesy looking for so much money.

  32. Contact the Attorney General’s office in yoyr city. Your credit card company or bank can reverse the charge and get you your money back. This company does not advertise what they actually sell. I was led to believe it was quilted. Lol lol. Spray painted !!! Wow. Dishonest. Misleading.

  33. Total scam! More than a disappointment. I ordered a quilt for my mother who is in a nursing home. It was $50 which would be a very responsible price for the item I thought I was purchasing. I received cloth that had the image of the quilt on it. When I contacted them about this they (Mattie Grant) said I could return it an my own cost. That would be $49 for shipping to:Costco Tower Queen’s Road Central, Sheung WAN, Hon Kong Island.

  34. I finally received my rug today. 50.00 for a flimsy 10.00 rug if you want to call it a rug. Terrible!!!

  35. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS PLACE. They promised a % refund and then stop replying and have not received my refund.

  36. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! I ordered a quilt in April or May , they said they are made to order and hand crafted. It took over 2months but I finally received it a week ago and oh what a joke! This is not the quality they said it was and it looks nothing like what I ordered! And it’s sure not handmade! It’s a 69.00 piece of crap! I wouldn’t put this rag on my bed for nothing ! I guess I’ll use it for a Dog Blanket! It’s truly HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!

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