Secret Sister Scam 2020 {Nov} Know About The Scam!

Secret Sister Scam 2020

Secret Sister Scam 2020 {Nov} Know About The Scam! >> If you come across any gift exchange program during Christmas, read this article to know about scams.

Christmas is coming, and we all expect to get gifts during this festival of the year. On social media, you must have noticed the book challenges that come across telling send a book to an anonymous person, and in return, you will get six or more books from people worldwide.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, a message goes viral on social media networks with the name secret sister. Now you might be wondering what it is and why it is a scam.

Knowing the details of the Secret Sister Scam 2020, read the entire article and understand the various precautions you should take to prevent yourself from getting caught in the scam. Also, we will give you other details about the establishment of this scam.

What is secret sister?

A social media forward is going viral on many social networking platforms saying buy a gift of $10 and send it to an anonymous sister of yours. In return, you will get 36 anonymous donations on Christmas. The sender of the message or the post will send you the address of the person who will recieve the gift. 

Some various websites and bureaus warn the people about the ‘Secret Sister Scam 2020’ and say that it is just the way to loot you and it is illegal.

When did the scam start?

The secret sister’s program started back in 2015, and a message went viral saying we need six sisters who want a free holiday gift. It is a gift exchange program, and when you buy one gift and send it to a woman anonymously, in exchange, you will get 6 ‘gifts.’ The message tells that if you are interested in being a part of this exchange, then send a message. 

Is the secret sisters legal?

The gift exchange program is similar to gambling, and therefore ‘Secret Sister Scam 2020’ is not a rumor. 

The gift exchange’s pyramid chain is illegal in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The people involved in this will have to pay hefty fines and go to jail for digital fraud. 

What are the prevention measures?

  • To protect yourself from such gift exchange scams, you should ignore the pyramid schemes’ messages, and the gift exchanges are illegal.
  • Secondly, you can report the social video messages or emails you receive immediately on the networking sites.
  • Also, keep in mind that never share your personal details with any stranger as you might get trapped in severe danger. ‘Secret Sister Scam 2020 is unlawful, so be cautious.


The final line is that it is a gift exchange program that is illegal internationally, and people try to fraud you by saying that the government endorses it.  The people need to be cautious regarding any such scams, especially during the Christmas season, saying send a gift, and you will receive more in return. 

Be careful and do not fall into the trap of such scams. Also, report it if you come across any such fraud. We hope that now, all the information is with you on ‘Secret Sister Scam 2020.‘ 

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