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It is a good idea to get free Robux from Roblox generators. So, read a comprehensive review about Robux which is one of them.

Recently website was launched, which lures Roblox gamers to get free Robux. As you may know, Robux is the official virtual currency endorsed by Roblox itself. The cost of one Robux is $0.00035. However, the Roblox platform automatically prices it at approximately $0.0125. So, instead of spending money, the players from the Philippines and the United States get trapped in obtaining FREE Robux at various third party ROBLOX–GENERATORS. So, let us scrutinize Robux.

What is

It is a website that promises to credit Roblox player’s accounts with free Robux.

  1. All you need to do is access website
  2. Enter your Roblox user ID
  3. Choose the OS platform, and click on the proceed button
  4. The website will offer you to select the number of Robux you want. For example, you can choose 800, 1700, 4500 and 6500 Robux to be credited.
  5. Once you click on the proceed button, the website will trace your account and take you to verification steps.
  6. In the verification step, the Robux will demand you to complete two tasks.
  7. The tasks are simple, like completing a brief survey. 
  8. Once you complete the tasks, your account is supposed to be credited with Robux.


  1. Physical Address – not provided
  2. Phone number – not provided
  3. Email Address – not provided
  4. Contact person – not provided
  5. Website Type –  non–commercial reward website
  6. Address of Website –
  7. Country Iceland
  8. Terms and Conditions – not mentioned
  9. Robux delivery timeline  not mentioned


  1. Easy steps and user interface for requesting free Robux
  2. Players can request as high as 6500 Robux valued at $81.25
  3. Obtain free Robux by completing simple tasks Robux Cons:

  1. Exposure of your user ID to the third party
  2. Considerable score on threats, malware, phishing and spamming makes your device and user account vulnerable to attacks
  3. No authentication was carried out to verify the ID of the person corresponding to the Roblox account
  4. No point of contact if you do not receive Robux

Is Legit?

  1. Website Age – 05th July 2021 18:05:02, 
  2. Website expiry – 05th July 2022 18:05:02
  3. Website Trust Score –  69% (dubious)
  4. Linking to Social Media – not provided
  5. Social media account – not provided
  6. Website Registrar – NameCheap, Inc.
  7. Robux server –
  8. Server name – and
  9. Whois email –
  10. Domain ID – D2AD791EA91934D9584BDBB064ADB3B73–NSR
  11. Owner Contact Details – not provided
  12. Website Popularity – 4543858 (Poor)
  13. Threat Profile – 88/100
  14. Phishing Score – 87/100
  15. Malware Score – 88/100
  16. Spam Score – 4/100
  17. Proximity to Suspicious Websites – 27/100. Reviews:

The users who had entered their user ID on the website reported that they did not receive any Robux. The user reviews on RELIABLE websites like Google, FB, Pinterest, Twitter are unavailable.


Roblox does NOT endorse (or) associate itself with Robux. The website is collecting the user ID of Roblox players at the STAKE of their privacy. We recommend you to obtain Robux from the official site of Roblox. The website does not guarantee Robux delivery, and evidently, users did not receive any Robux.

Did you use Let us know if you received free Robux and your experience of using Seerobux.

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    1. Hello speedyatx! We are grateful that you have shared and expressed your concern. As updated in the blog also, the site in question is not associated with official Roblox. We would suggest you get Robux by using the legit and safe means to enjoy the game to the fullest. Stay Safe! Have a Nice Day!

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