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Shopnon club Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website?

Shopnon club Reviews

Shopnon club Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website? Planning to purchase portable baby bathtubs online then read this review.

Are you new parents and searching for portable baby bathtubs? Then you will like what the Shopnon club has to offer. 

The online store provides a United States-based address and has been garnering a lot of negative attention.

Portable baby baths come in handy for the young mothers/parents who are always on the move. You must read this Shopnon club Reviews thoroughly to know what more this new website has to offer. These baby baths can be foldable or inflatable and made of quality silicone or plastic to bathe your child comfortably. 

So, this review will also provide you an analysis to tell you Is Shopnon club Legit

What is the Shopnon club? 

The shopnon club is an online shopping site that presents customers with foldable and inflatable bathing or pedicure bucket options. These can easily fit babies and even adults, perfect for people who live a lifestyle that involves constant travelling. 

You will also be able to spot a couple of inflatable water mat seats and an infant cross slip mat. The best part about the website is that they offer a 24-hour customer care services, so a customer can reach out to them regardless of where they live. 

This Shopnon club Reviews will talk about the about us section mentioning the owner being passionate about unique design and bringing them to life. But it seems to be very vague and speaks nothing about the products listed on the site or its makers.

Specifications of Pure Pap Cleaner

  • Products- bathing and pedicure foldable or inflatable items for baby’s/adults 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- (405) 268-0774
  • Shipping/processing time- 24 hours 
  • Delivery time- 7-10 working days 
  • Shipping fee- depends on the country you live in 
  • Return- 7 days from the date of receiving a product 
  • Exchange- are provided after analyzing the returns 
  • Refunds- 14 business days after inspection of the return 
  • Online Payment- can be made using PayPal 

Pros of purchasing from Shopnon club

  • The online store provides worldwide delivery options 
  • Company information is complete with a United States address
  • All products are modestly priced 
  • The contact information is complete with customer care email id and phone number 
  • Customers can make secure online payments 
  • Full refund provided once the returns are analyzed 

Cons of purchasing from Shopnon club

  • No exchange is possible on items purchased on/during a sale
  • No product information is provided 
  • About us, the section gives nothing away about its creators 
  • The site was created on 6 June 2020 
  • All products have been rated 5 stars
  • There are no customer reviews present 

Is the Shopnon club Legit? 

Online Shopping today involves thorough checks that include analysing the legitimacy of the website. For this, you can start by checking if the site offers an SSL certificate; it ensures the customer’s information is encrypted. In the case of the shopnon club, there is the presence of an SSL certificate! 

You must also check the contact details provided if there is a presence of both the email id and customer care phone number. So, Is Shopnon club Legit? The Shopnon club presents customers with both so it could potentially be legit.

But it’s about us section offers a very vague insight regarding its markers and makes the site sound fishy. It also has a very creation date, so the thoughts regarding its legitimacy are conflicting.

What are the customer’s views of the Shopnon club? 

We in this Shopnon club Reviews have mentioned that the site has a month-old creation date. Its recent creation could be why they possess no customer reviews/comments or an online presence. Information is absent such as the product details that usually provide customers with detailed information. 

The about us section of this United States based seller too remains vague. They go on and on about their passion for a unique design. There is no information about its makers or the products that are currently listed on the site. 

A lot of scam sites tend to provide fake addresses, which could be the same as the Shopnon club. It is a common trend amongst scam sites! 

Final Verdict- 

The Shopnon club has spent roughly a month in the online shopping market. It provides the bare minimum information and completely misses out on the product details. There are also no traces of it online, as it is new. 

While the products and their prices may entice you, you must not make any purchases from the site. 

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  1. Shopnon is a scammer website I ordered a item & they are saying that it was ship & sent to me already I purchase a item on July 15 2020 & the tracking number say I purchase it on July 10 2020 & that it was delivered July 17 2020 the only good thing is I pay through PayPal please don’t buy from this website

  2. I called the number that was for contacting and the number and a lady in Oklahoma. She said she a lot of calls about this website and it’s not her, so then I decided to see if the name that I could contact lived where she said in Florida!! The name Allyson Jayne didn’t live at that address in fact she never did live or have a company in Navarre Florida. So my conclusion is that it’s a fake company just waiting to take your money and getting nothing in return

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