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Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go {Jan} Find Its Best Pokemon List

Gaming Tips Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go

In this post, we have discussed the Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go, The Overall Best Pokemon, and the Sinnoh Cup tier list.

Are you a Pokemon Go fanatic? Are you looking for the upcoming Sinnoh Cup? Would you like to know more about the event? If yes, stick to us.

The Season 10 of the Pokemon Go Battle League has started. It’s time for the trainers to rank Legend. Many players Worldwide want to learn about the upcoming Sinnoh Cup in Season 10 Battle League. So, in this post, we will talk about Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go and the best Pokemon for the tournament.

What is the Sinnoh Cup?

The Pokemon Go Sinnoh Cup is a great way to experiment with Battle League combos that you wouldn’t normally employ in a regular format. Players may only utilize Pokemon from #387 – #493 in this tournament, and they must be from the Sinnoh territory, as the tournament title suggests. 

Furthermore, none of those other Pokemon may have more than 1,500 CP, further restricting their options. From 10 to 24 January 2021, the Pokemon Go Sinnoh Cup will run concurrently with the Great League tournament. 

The Overall Best Pokemon for Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go:

  • Lucario: Overall Score – 1532.
  • Bastiodon: Overall Score – 2726.
  • Pachirisu: Overall Score – 2044.
  • Gastrodon: Overall Score – 1958.
  • Abomasnow (Shadow): Overall Score – 1877.
  • Abomasnow: Overall Score – 1877.
  • Froslass: Overall Score – 1817.
  • Drapion (Shadow): Overall Score – 1892.
  • Toxicroak: Overall Score – 1637.
  • Munchlax: Overall Score – 2158.
  • Cresselia: Overall Score – 2405.
  • Drifblim: Overall Score – 1868.
  • Magnezone: Overall Score – 1653.
  • Drapion: Overall Score – 1892.
  • Gallade (Shadow): Overall Score – 1633.
  • Electivire (Shadow): Overall Score – 1553.
  • Gliscor (Shadow): Overall Score – 1931
  • Hippowdon: Overall Score – 1913.

 The Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go Tier List

Sinnoh Cup Lead Tier List

Facing the opponent, the Lead Pokémon would be the first pick. Players have to choose a character with good defensive numbers and just enough strike power to cause significant damage throughout a fight. You should usually save at minimum one protection for them, however, players might choose to use any.

Sinnoh Cup Switch Tier List

The Switch Pokémon position is the option to replace player first Pokémon with. This Pokemon may be used as a counter-attack to any Pokémon that can beat the Lead Pokémon, or it can be used to counter other Pokémon selections in Sinnoh Cup Pokemon Go. Folks should usually save both of their shields or, at minimum, one of them for their Switch decision. 

Sinnoh Cup Closer Tier List 

Every one of the Final Pokémon is included in the final set. Because the Pokemon in this position will be the last line of defense against the enemy, players need them to have the highest defenses and be the thickest on the list. It also ensures that they are capable of causing significant damage. 


The Sinnoh Cup and the Great League battle have already started. It’s time for the players to use their skill and rank up fast to the Legend. Visit Sinnoh Cup PVP Ranking Page  for more. 

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