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Social Security Website Not Working (Feb 2021) Facts!

Social Security Website Not Working (Feb 2021) Facts! >> Read this article to find out why the Social Security website is not working.

Are you a resident of the United States and baffled that the Social Security website is not working?

Multiple issues have been reported in the last day where people cannot log in to the Social Security website.

Social media is rife with comments from people facing trouble with the Social Security website for more than 24 hours.

But what is the issue? Why is the website not responding to users? We will find the reason through our following news article, Social Security Website Not Working

Before that, let us know the importance of the Social Security program.

What is the Social Security program?

Social Security is a social insurance program, managed at the official website https://www.ssa.gov/.

The program is administered by Social Security Administration (SSA), an independent federal government agency. The Social Security (SS) program helps one manage their disability, retirement, survivor, and government health benefits through a nine-digit Social Security number (SSN). 

With SSN, the government tracks the number of years that you worked and your lifetime earnings.

During your retirement, or if you need SS disability income, the information on your contribution to the SS program helps the government determine your eligibility.

Social Security uses the paid taxes in the OASI Trust Fund to provide benefits to eligible people.

Therefore, with the Social Security Website Not Working, the users are frantic and want to know when the issue will be solved.

Is the Social Security website down?

Much to the irritation of users, the Social Security website is down. While the reports claim 79% of login issues, 20% of website-related issues are seen.

People are guessing that the website can be down because of multiple reasons. There may be overloading of the server, outage, network problem, or website maintenance in progress.

Customer reviews on SS Website Not Working:

One can find comments floating on the internet from users all over the United States.

Almost everyone is complaining that they’re unable to log into their account for the past many days.

One customer stated that with the Social Security Website Not Working, they can see their account’s homepage, but are unable to go further.

A few are worried if the website issues are also affecting payouts of benefits.

Some sensible customers are patient and feel that SS is updating accounts with customer’s 2020 earnings. Their only complaint is that they should have been forewarned.

Final verdict:

The official SS website keeps a database of your work credits and earnings records. 

Anyone who is age 25 and over can see their information on their SS statement. No wonder the erratic working of the website is causing jitters among users.

No one knows the real reason why the website is down. One has to wait till the time ssa.gov starts working again.

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