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The article will inform and educate you about the core services and features of Solesor resort by doing its proper Solesor Kampong Beach Resort Reviews.

Are you a traveller? Do you like the sea or the beach? But travel is not only a means to explore a new area. It also means exploring hospitality. 

Due to the Covid-19 situation, people stop travelling. But now the problem is getting better. So, many people start exploring the new region. Especially when it is the beach areas. 

Here we can give you a hint about a new beach resort in Malaysia. Many travellers are already experiencing the hospitality of this resort. 

Let’s find out the basic information of Solesor Kampong Beach Resort Reviews

Know the Primary Data of Solesor

As per our research, Solesor Kampong Beach Resort is situated in Jalan Batu. It is one of the best beach resorts in Kampong. 

As per our current observations, this beach resort offers outstanding amenities and facilities to guests. The resorts welcome travelers from around the world. 

The design of the resort is an oasis-like design. It has cabin facilities. Also, the resort is surrounded by natural beauty and habitats that give travellers an exotic feeling. 

You can enjoy yourself in the resorts with your family, friends and lovers. 

What We Find by Solesor Kampong Beach Resort Reviews

We should find its essential information by doing the proper reviews of this resort. 

Official Address- Lot 4003, Jalan Batu 12, Kampung Baru Telok Pelanduk, 71050 Si Rusa, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Services offer- All kinds of services are available for the guests, like breakfast, lunch and dinner facilities. 

Packages offer- The resort offers various packages for the different types of guests. The resort offers special packages for the students. By calling their customer care number, you can know about the offerings. The resort also provides for couples and families. 

Other services of Solesor Kampong Beach Resort Reviews

The travelers can rent various kinds of rooms in the resort. The guests can avail rooms as per their needs and availability. 

  1. A) Villa- the resort offers a Family villa, Queen Villa and Twin villa. The cost of the family villa is 610.00 RM per villa. 
  2. B) Queen Villa costs around 410.00 RM for the two persons. Twin Villa costs around 280.00 RM per room. 
  3. C) Rozana- You can rent his room for four people. It will cost 790 RM per room. 

As per our research, we find out about this room service by doing – Solesor Kampong Beach Resort Reviews

The Customer’s Feedback

We have to dig out the social media accounts of this resort. And as per our research, we pointed out many positive reviews about the resort. 

We also searched the other sources and found that many visitors give good remarks about the resort’s service and hospitality. 

Final Call

Our research says that the resort has restricted some of its services due to the pandemic situation. The resort also maintains the Covid-19 protocols for the safety of the guests. 

Using hand sanitizer and face mask is compulsory. Besides this, the guests need to test Covid Test to avail the services. 

As per the Solesor Kampong Beach Resort Reviewsthe resort is famous among travellers.

You can also check their “Instagram” link to know more information.  

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