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Solo Level Max Newbie (Oct 2021) The Latest Updates!

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This article will tell you about the ongoing Manga Series named Solo Level Max Newbie, and you will find out whether it has the potential to be worthy or not.

Do you know how addictive the mangas can be? You don’t have to be a regular reader for several months to have an idea. Just start reading a good one, and you won’t be able to leave it until you are done. The Worldwide fan community of Manga mainly comprises youngsters and teenagers.

If you are a beginner and confused about how and where to start, this article about Solo Level Max Newbie is a perfect guide.  

What is a Manga?

The Japanese word, ‘Manga,’ is equivalent to the Korean “Manhwa” and Chinese “Manhua.” These three words refer to an art form that has its origin in the early 19th century in Japan. Though most people think that MangaManga means Japanese novels, the word has a wider meaning. In Japan refers to all the artwork related to comics, cartoons and animations.

In simple words, MangaManga is a graphic novel. These can be found in several languages and of all kinds of genres, including sports, comedy, drama, suspense, thriller, horror, fantasy, etc.

Summary of Solo Level Max Newbie

This particular MangaManga comes under the fantasy genre. It tells the story of the protagonist named Jinhyuk, a pro player of a game called Tower of Trials. He used to earn money by guiding people through the Nutube medium about how to play the game.

But, suddenly, the popularity of the game declined, and he became jobless. Then, when he was thinking of changing his career and quitting the game, the whole world turned into that very game all of a sudden.

Now that Jinhyuk is the only person who has completed the game, he is well acquainted with every level of the game. So, in Solo Level Max Newbie, he becomes the most efficient survivor in this new reality.

Specification of the Manga

  • First Publication Date: 30-07-2021
  • Origin: Korea
  • Author: Unknown
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action, Game
  • Alternative Name: I Am The Top Ranker Newbie
  • Status: Ongoing

Latest Update

This is an ongoing manga series. The latest chapter of this series is chapter 15, which was released on 01-10-2021. The chapters are released at an interval of 7 days. So, the next chapter can be expected within 08-10-2021.

The story is also available in the form of a web novel. In this form, the latest update is chapter 56.

Reception of Solo Level Max Newbie

The story is available in manga form for only two months, and it is an ongoing series. So, it hasn’t got the time to reach many readers. But yet it has a record of 34.1K monthly viewers and a rating of 4.6 out of 5.


Undoubtedly the storyline is quite interesting and capturing. After looking at the people’s reactions about it within this short span of time, we can be sure about the popularity of this Manga. It has the potential to touch the peaks of popularity, and very soon, the Solo Level Max Newbie will reach millions of readers.

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