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Sou Sou Savings Reviews [June] Invest your money today

is Sou Sou Savings Legit 2020

Sou Sou Savings Reviews [June] Invest your money today -> The article talks about the legitimacy of Sou Sou Savings.

As a child, you may have wanted to save money to buy gaming cards, shoes or just candy. As an adult, the need to keep increases more to ensure ease in investment in property, vacation, business and more. To encourage you to save for the future are banks and other investment agencies. 

Banks and companies are offering incredible saving opportunities. A company that has been gaining notoriety is Sou Sou Savings. So, Sou Sou Savings Reviews It is currently catering to citizens of the United States

The company was founded in 2015 by Fonta Gilliam and is a fintech social enterprise. She was a vital member of the White House Global Entrepreneurship Summits and has also served as a consultant for Deloitte. Let’s jump into this Sou Sou Savings Reviews to enquire more. 

What is Sou Sou Savings?

The Sou Sou Savings is a company that offers services such as Direct to consumer or B2C, Direct to Business or B2B by collaborating with local banks. They act as a cloud-based platform that a bank can gain licences via a white-label API. How do the customers use it? They can gain access to the benefits through a phone or computer to open up Sou Sou online.

After this they must get family/friends or colleagues to join, further settling down on the deposit amount for every month. The company legitimizes the sou sou saving arrangement by encouraging people to put the amount into an FDIC insured account. 

On looking at their use cases section on-, you will be able to connect with programs that suit your needs best. 

Key noteworthy points about the company 

  • The scheme offered is a lot like a sou sou saving pool that has been prevalent for years 
  • The programme offered was designed to address a common problem that a lot of money lenders face. 
  • The company provides social banking solutions by collaborating with licensed financial institutions
  • You can invite family, friends and other acquaintances to settle on a fixed amount to deposit in an account every month. 
  • The reports are usually with one of the banks the Invest Sou Sou company partners with. 
  • They also ensure the accounts FDIC insured 
  • Sou Sou has helped banks attract low cost deposits to create sale opportunities most safely and securely. 
  • They currently have openings for interns, data science fellows and community development interns.

Effect of this social enterprise on people in the USA 

According to- mentions researches claiming that social banking contraptions that use peer accountability can easily inculcate saving habits. Thus, producing stubby loan defaults. 

The middle class in the United States benefits from the scheme offered by the company as banks keep increasing the deposit rates each year. This increase resulted in the Americans saving less and have a below-average credit rate. 

Sou Sou savings offer a fantastic way to help not just the citizens but also the community banks by maintaining the relationship of banking culture. To connect with programs that suit your needs best, check out the use cases on the official site. 

Functionalities of the social enterprise 

The social enterprise won the award for ‘best of the show’ at Finovate Spring 2019. Invest Sou Sou came out with an innovate idea to optimize the village loan tradition, commonly called Sou Sou. 

They modernized it and helped people, as well as community banks, ensure a safe and cost-efficient method. The company talks about leveraging the capabilities of social networking, artificial intelligence, as well as peer accountability. The company is on the lookout for management interns, data science fellows and community development interns.

What do people have to say about it? 

According to-,  the company has had numerous banks reaching out to it after receiving the Finovate Award. They also mention that the US economy could benefit from solutions like Sou Sou savings. 

The company, all in all, has received positive feedback from numerous as the Forbes, Technically and Washington Business Journal, to name a few. 


We began this article with the question Sou Sou Savings Reviews The articles will tell you the company is entirely legitimate. 

After reading and researching about this social enterprise, we would like to conclude on a positive note. The enterprise has been successfully able to find a comfortable seat in providing solutions to banks as well as the customers. 

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