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Spyninjasgadgets com {Sep} Find Out More Here


Spyninjasgadgets com {Sep} Find Out More Here -> You will get to know about an online gadget store selling advanced tools for getting clues and solving clues in this context.

Do you like to enhance your mental abilities? Do you want to utilize your free time by doing something creative? Well, we are talking about solving those high-level puzzles using innovative gadgets. Spyninjasgadgets com is an online platform to buy all those advanced tools to find clues and solve puzzles.

The site is getting attention from all those young and intelligent minds from the United States with the all-new recruitment mission kits.

What is is the most frequently preferred online gadget store that offers excellent deals on advanced tools. These tools include spy ninja’s new secret hidden pen, ninja noise enhancer, decoder wheel, and many more exciting items.

Moreover, the mission kits also include some creative stationery items for kids like project zorgo notebook, pencils, manual activity books, and many more useful articles and a certificate of achievement.

Also, users can get a membership but only after the age of 18 years.

List of gadgets in the new spy ninjas recruit mission kit:

Spyninjasgadgets com has come up with a complete package of mission kit packed in a compact briefcase. This kit comprises of the following innovative tools:

  • Mission briefing card
  • Secret message spy pen
  • Decoder wheel for sending and receiving coded messages
  • Spy ninja notebook, certificate of achievement and ID card
  • Ninja noise enhancer to listen to all the secret information
  • Activity books containing a lot of puzzles
  • Decoder guides and evidence detection guide

List of gadgets in the project zorgo infiltration mission kit:

Spyninjasgadgets com has another kit that helps the users to go undercover and to contribute to the defeat of project zorgo, and it comprises of:

  • Project zorgo hacker mask for hiding the identity
  • Project zorgo decoder wheel
  • Project zorgo voice Morpher so that the user can disguise his voice
  • Notebooks, ID card, zorgo decoder card and a certificate of achievement
  • Activity books containing numerous puzzles and activities

How is spy ninja’s secret hidden pen unique?

Spy ninja’s secret pen is a spy pen that allows the users to write with a visible as well as with invisible ink. The user can write the secret messages to be used in the mission with the invisible ink and keep them confidential. Well, this secret pen has got a blacklight at the top to read all those secret messages by the people involved in the concerned mission.

And the most essential feature of this spy ninja’s secret pen is that it has storage space too. The users can hide secret notes in that space from where only the members of the mission can take them out and use the information mentioned. Sounds cool, right? 

Final verdict

Spyninjasgadgets com is one of the modern generation sites providing exciting tools for all those active minds solving puzzles.

The buyer will get various decoding guides, innovative voice enhancers, and decoder tools to guess the clues correctly. 


  1. i am a fan of you and i am subscribed to you i have always wanted to bye your march but i haven’t had enough money i would love it if you got some of the stuff off and can you send me what your address is so i can send you fan mail.

  2. Can I plz have a backpack and some merch plz I don’t have enough money to bye any plz I sub and I have been watching you from when I was like six and I’m ten plz

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