Starbucks Rocco Princi {Oct 2021} Know The Latest News!

Latest News Starbucks Rocco Princi

Are you looking to know the exact matter regarding Starbucks Rocco Princi? This blog contains the recent updates and declarations from Starbucks authorities.

What has happened recently with Starbucks Princi outlets? Currently, this question has topped on google in the United States and Canada.

People outside the USA are also searching about Starbucks to figure out about the viral event. So what’s happened? Did you get the answer? If not yet, then viewing this blog can be advantageous for you. For our readers, we have gone through deep research on Starbucks Rocco Princi, and below we have enlightened each and every fact intermingled with this matter.

So, let’s start-

A brief about Starbucks:

Starbucks is the world’s largest coffeehouse & roastery reserves chain based in the USA. This multinational corporation represents the USA’s ‘Second Wave’ of the coffee culture. Currently, the Starbucks Corporation has a chain of running businesses in around 83 countries, including America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, etc. continents with 32660 stores all over the world. Out of the 32660 stores, approx. 18345 stores are situated in the USA and its neighboring area. Starbucks gained worldwide recognition for serving cold and hot drinks, espresso, instant ground coffee, caffe latte, pastries, etc. Still, what’s the matter about Starbucks Rocco Princi,? Let’s know it.

Brief about the acquisition of Pinci:

Princi is a famous Italian bakery offering Pinci pizza, artisan bread, and other bakery items. According to the news, Princi had become one of the exclusive food suppliers to the Starbucks Corporation’s new roastery establishment, and it has started with New York and Shanghai. Following the reports, Prince had become the exclusive supplier for the new-line of ‘Reserve-Only’ stores, which had been planned to open in the year 2017 by Starbucks. The largest coffeehouse chain has already acquired around 1500+ reserve stores globally, where the Starbucks traditional coffee is served with special small lot reserve coffee.

Starbucks Rocco Princi: The News. 

According to the recent activity and reports, Starbucks is going to close their 3 Princi bakery bar. We have already witnessed the closing of the Princi outlet in New York. After the declaration of the Covid-19 regulation on behalf of the government, the New York outlet had been closed to follow the rules; however, it had never been open after March 2020. Now, in accordance with the recent declaration, it has been cleared that the next 2 Starbucks-owned Princi outlets will be going to be shut down.    

Where and when will the store be closed?

In case you are looking for the location where the Starbucks Rocco Princi bars will be closed, read this paragraph. As per the notice, the Seattle and Chicago outlets will be shut down on 3rd September 2021. However, on behalf of Starbucks authorities, it has been announced that Princi’s pizza, pastries, bread, etc. serving will be continued in their roasteries in New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Milan, Seattle, and Shanghai.


The latest news reported that 2 outlets of Starbucks owned Princi bar  will be closed soon. We hope you have got the required information you are looking for; for more updates on Starbucks Rocco Princi, please visit the website daily. Do you want to ask anything? Please comment below. 

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