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Status.Roblox.Com {Nov} Is It Available Or Still Down!

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This article will share all the details about the Continue reading to know more about the problems.

Do you like playing games? Are you a fan of the Roblox game? Are you facing the current server down issues while playing Roblox games? Then stay tuned as this article will share all the details about the current difficulties and problems of Roblox. People Worldwide are facing this issue. Read to know more about the details.

Issues of Roblox

Roblox has indeed been unavailable since roughly 04:00 AM IST from the morning of October 29, 2021, according to online social networks and website down detectors. The outcry has persisted for almost more than two hours, as per a statement by an unofficial website at 06:23 in the morning, and technicians have discovered the root of the problem around 8:44 AM today. 

An additional statement from an unofficial user reveals that gamers are unable to log in to the Roblox profiles since the gaming platform Worldwide is facing server issues, around 1,000,000 were removed from Roblox. Hence, the current has several flaws.

What are the issues players are facing?

The significant issue the players are facing is that the count of players went down by 1,000,000. Players are also facing verification difficulties with the portal Roblox that is sometimes forced to log out from the game and then unable to login. The complete game is also not loading correctly as well as the in-game graphics are also not loading well. 

Additionally, there are several network issues and glitches in the game. The Thumbnail application programming interface is also unavailable. The websites, webpages were also not available to several players.

Reports on Down detector

The difficulties in the Roblox Website started in the early hours of October 29, 2021, as per Down Detector. There are already 28,104 Roblox breakdown complaints on Down Sensor since the morning. 55 percent of the complaints were about homepage difficulties, 32 percent were about authentication concerns, and 12 percent were about host network connectivity problems.

The Roblox formal interaction is yet to explain the cause of the disruption. Several players also claim that the corporation has not maintained and updated the servers which is the reason for such ongoing difficulties.

How are fans reacting to

Fans are outraged about this issue. Roblox  is a huge platform with several games available and, yet the players are facing such issues. Since morning 4:31 AM IST, players are reporting problems to Roblox and currently, there are over 645 reports about the ongoing difficulties. Fans are also sharing their views on social networking platforms and online websites.

Several fans are also worried whether they will be able to login back in the account and play their favorite games and they are also worried if such problems appear in the future.

Final verdict 

The current is still down and, the Roblox team is yet to find the cause and, no statement from the official website is released yet. The players are infuriated with the service as they expect that the Roblox team would be able to resolve the issues within a few hours however, it is more than 8-9 hours.

Did you face any server issues while playing the Roblox Game? Share the experience with us in the comment section below.

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