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Stella Fortuna Magnus {Oct} An Exciting Game Reward!

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Want to know whether Stella Fortuna Magnus available in the reward list is fake? Read the content and check out the details.

Are you fond of playing action games? Have you played the Genshin Impact that brings lots of constellation items to explore for the users? If so, then we are here to present today’s article that highlights the details of Stella Fortuna.

This online gaming platform offers a world of adventures to the players. It is why gamers from all over the world, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States, are always excited to play Genshin Impact, a game of the open- world.

Let’s explore Stella Fortuna Magnus and try to know about this mysterious object.

What is Stella Fortuna?

It is a material used to activate the constellation in Genshin Impact. The four-star blue-colored crystal is valuable for the playable characters. This action game offers six constellation materials in total, and out of which you can acquire Stella Fortuna six times while playing the role of your character.

However, duplicates of every crystal are always available. So, if the user wants to use more crystals, they can get it through wishes or Paimon’s Bargains.

Every player gets their own unique version of the Stella Fortuna, ignoring that they all look the same. This rare crystal has properties that cannot be interchanged with others.

Why is Stella Fortuna Magnus getting popular?

The five-star Stella Fortuna constellation material is regarded as the Magnus crystal. Being bright golden, it possesses many new features that is why every gamer wants to have it.

Recently, Genshin Impact had shared a series of rewards with its players via mail. The leaked rewards consist of four hundred primogems and some exclusive items along with it. It includes –

  • Glider – It helps the players to glide in the air by consuming stamina.
  • Furniture – The new furniture makes the homeworld of Genshin Impact more attractive.
  • Name card – It is a special card that makes alterations in the appearance of the players.
  • Stella Fortuna Magnus – It activated the constellation.

So, these are the list of rewards that have been offered to the players, but the most crucial question arises whether these emails are real or not. Let’s know the people’s opinion to know the answer.

What are the views of gamers about the reward?

After receiving the list of rewards, gamers have posted different opinions online. According to them, the first three emails are correct. The one who shares the constellation material appears to be fake, and it is so because Stella Fortuna Magnus is not a part of the bundle.

Moreover, offering thank you gifts on the last day of the anniversary of Genshin Impact, i.e., on 3rd October 2021, would make a lot of sense. But since it was offered on the first day, they wanted to damage the control.

Thus, the users’ comments indicate that this constellation crystal is a fictional award presented at the grand anniversary event.


Putting an end to the article, we made you aware of the Stella Fortuna Magnus and other rewards given to the players. If you are curious to join the mega-concert of Genshin Impact then, check the latest updates on your Instagram Account.

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