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Surokplus Reviews [July] Is This A Legitimate Website?

Surokplus Reviews 

Surokplus Reviews [July] Is This A Legitimate Website? -> In this article, you will get to know about an e-shop offering trendy and high-quality barware, drinkware, and small sculptures at affordable prices.

Are you planning to buy barware, drinkware, or some small sculptures online? If yes, we are aware of a spot where you can get such great products at affordable prices. That spot is Surokplus.

We tripped upon few Surokplus Reviews online and decided to go over all the subtleties identified with surokplus and assist our reader in deciding to pick this site or not.

Surokplus is an online website offering its products in United States. Although it’s a new e-commerce website, and its demand is not much, however, it is by all accounts developing each day at a considerable pace.

What is Surokplus?

Surokplus is an online store offering trendy and high-quality products on a solitary snap at your doorstep, that too, at affordable prices. Surokplus is a place where you can get your hands on a wide range of very durable accessories. 

The site offers items primarily under four classifications: barware, drinkware, small sculptures, and packages.

Specifications of Surokplus

  • Website type- It is an online store selling barware, packaging element, drinkware & tiny scripture
  • Shipping time- 3-7 business days for dispatching.
  • Shipping fee – It offers free standard shipping in the United States.
  • Exchange – no details presented on site.
  • Delivery time- usually expected 10-22 days excluding public holidays, banking holidays & weekend.
  • Return- with 30 days of delivery with the unopened packaging ( with proper seal etc.)
  • Refund- once the retrieval processing is done, the reimbursement will be issued to the original payment method within 30 days.
  • Cancellation of order- no statement is given regarding revocation.
  • Company contact details-
  • Contact number – +15012048973
  • Company address – 501 S Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 57104 United States.
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), Debit Card.

Pros of buying from Surokplus

  • Broad diversity of barware, package material, drinkware, and small scripture is available.
  • Sophisticated and unique products.
  • The web has an encrypted payment gateway network.
  • It proposes extraordinary quality at an acceptable price.
  • 24*7 client assistance.
  • Substantial & favorable data.
  • It requests free definitive delivery in the US.

Cons of buying from Surokplus

  • No facts regarding the exchange & revocation of the order are furnished on site.
  • The delivery duration is extremely halted.
  • It employs a lengthy span in the reimbursement of the payment.
  • The dispatching expense is non-refundable.
  • Cash on delivery is not available.
  • There is insufficient or inadequate data in about us section of the website.
  • The domain is new.

Is Surokplus legit or not?

As the domain of this e-commerce website is generally new, there are just a couple of feedbacks available online on different portals where customers shared their reviews related to their shopping experience with surokplus.

Surokplus Reviews tell us that the Customers who preferred Surokplus for buying small sculptures, barware, and drinkware were not happy because there is a lack of information regarding cancellation of an order and exchange of products on the webpage, which troubled the buyers.

Therefore, customers expressed their diffidence towards Surokplus in the future. They also suggested their companions not to buy from Surokplus because it is not legit and trustworthy.

What are customers saying about Surokplus?

As the domain of this site is new, we were unable to discover a lot of feedbacks posted online on different portals. 

And also, enough details are not available on the webpage; therefore, customers preferred not to shop from sites whose domain is new and considered it worthy of waiting for some time to buy from such sites to avoid the risk of fraud.

Final verdict

After getting access to the website, we inferred that this internet site is a scam and is not reliable. 

To begin with, the internet site domain name has been bought approx one month earlier and is enormously young. As a result, there is incomplete information on the company’s web page regarding exchange and cancellation policies, and there is a non-appearance of Surokplus Reviews. If available on numerous platforms, they are, commonly, negative. 

 In our inquiry, we observed that this online website doesn’t have all the reserves of being crucial as it is new, and there are specific issues as well. 

It implies that this e-commerce webpage is not authentic and legit. And therefore, we would not prescribe our pursuers to incline in the direction of this website while shopping for barware, packages, small scripture, etc.


  1. Agreed, appears to be a scam. Prices may be too good to be true. Found an item that was unrelated to those being marketed and site would not accept my credit card number (recommend requesting a one time use number from your credit card provider if you want to try out this site). Keeping an eye out for misuse on my card so I can refute charges.


  3. looks like legit. but its not from USA. They are shipping from China 🙁
    Not sure how long product takes to reach USA.

  4. I just received some face masks from an auto part store in China. I ordered a set of Bowflex weights. I paid $87 and the receipt on the package says $20. If you call the phone number from Surokuplus website, it’s not in service so I’m disputing with my credit card company. Definitely a scam!!

  5. Ordered a set of dumbbells for my grandsons graduation and instead received 10 face masks today! Scam company. Phone number located in Arkansas and disconnected. Surprise! Address in South Dakota and shows that it’s a TV station. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! This company is in China and is NO WAY LEGIT. Shame on them and shame on me for ordering from them. It was my first internet purchase and boy did I win the lottery! Assholes!

  6. Looks like I got taken. The site is gone now, and appears to be a scam.

    The paypal Payment I made might offer some protection, but I think i lost my 70 bucks… SMH. Still waiting on delivery. Fingers crossed. LOL

  7. Looks like I too got scammed. Its amazing how they sent face masks to everyone who ordered Bowflex dumbells which were priced too good to be true but I just took a chance hoping Paypal will protect the purchase. When I contacted them via email they said they will resend it and after waiting for 1 month, the tracking site now says the package has been lost after showing it reached my city few days back which makes it look really fishy. I contacted them again and they are saying they will ship it again but based on the trend I see here it definitely seems like a scam.

  8. im a victim of this website activity they will get your money and never going to receive your item if you paid with paypal and file a complaint they will offer you a partial refund even when you never receive your item then they will offer you an apology for they mistake and offer you to re send you the item so what happen here they will take another month to shipped you the item that you never going to receive paypal will close your case and you never going to see the partial refund or the item so keep away from this scammers

  9. PayPal refunded my $77 within 24 hours. Apparently, it’s pretty easy to get your money back from this seller. Must be a lot of people complaining.

  10. Ordered and paid for an Item a year ago, approximately $80 and although they claim it was delivered it was not. I have been corresponding with them via email since July 8, 2020 only to receive numerous BS responses. Nothing ever delivered, no refund. They attempted to negotiate the refund amount by offering 65% to start and after another half dozen emails they slowly increased their refund offer to 95% but never followed thru. The battle continues.

    My advice, don’t buy from Surokplus

    1. Hello Mark! This is really an eye opening piece of information that you have shared here. You continue with your approach to get your money back and try for some quick refund ways. Else the scammers never payof. We wish you could get your money refunds very quick and happily. Greetings!

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