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Sutera Pillow Reviews [Dec] – Is This an Online Scam Site?

Sutera Pillow Reviews 2020

Sutera Pillow Reviews [Dec] – Is This an Online Scam Site? -> The article tells you about the pillow covers that are extremely comfortable.

Do you want to cradle into a soft, restful sleep? Then, look no more because Sutera is here to your rescue.

A night of restless sleep can spoil your entire day, while, on the contrary, a sound sleep keeps you fresh and smiling while performing all your tasks. Sutera Pillow Reviews bring to you a site where you can purchase premium quality memory foam that works brilliantly with different kinds of sleepers.

This United State based website is working day and night to enable every American to wake up feeling great. It is why thousands of Americans love this online portal and its products.

Before you get tempted to order a pillow for yourself, we recommend you go through the entire blog cautiously to learn more about the specifications, pros, cons, and customer feedback of this site.

What is Sutera?

Sutera is an online platform that offers ultra-comfortable pillows with a high-quality memory foam that makes people feel like they are sleeping on a cloud.

These pillows constitute orthopedic contour to help customers with back problems. The pillow comes with a removable pillow cover, which is easy to wash.

The company has collaborated with Amazon to cater to a broader audience in the United State. It is also offering lucrative discounts to its loyal customers to maintain customer retention.

What is so unique about Sutera?

The unique butterfly shape supports all kinds of sleepers, including side, back, and stomach sleepers with their neck problems.

The company is shipping articles over $50 for free of cost. Also, the brand provides exceptional COVID-19 shipping for fast and emergent deliveries.

The site issues a newsletter and asks customers to sign up for its subscription. It helps in increasing brand loyalty.

Specifications of Sutera:

  • Product: Orthopedic Pillows
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Contact number: 866-200-7259
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds only
  • Shipping fee: free over $50
  • Exchange/ Returns: 30-day satisfaction-guarantee
  • Pillow foam is made of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo.
  • Removable pillow covers
  • High and below-curved surfaces maintain the butterfly shape of the pillow.
  • Mode of payment- Online payments only

Advantages of buying from Sutera:

  • Orthopedic design helps the customers to recover from back problems
  • Customers are delighted to avail free shipping 
  • It is light in weight and easy to wash
  • The site provides satisfaction-guarantee
  • Customer care service is splendid

Disadvantages of buying from Sutera:

  • Pillow is extra soft with no support for the neck
  • The site has no company address
  • Delivery and refund policies are unclear
  • The absence of “About Us” page
  • No COD option available

Customer feedback on Sutera:

The customers are happy with the back-recovery solution provided by this site. The site maintains brand loyalty amongst customers via newsletter subscription.

It also provides an emergency delivery service during these trying times and provides excellent customer service to solve customer grievances. The free shipping is a great add-on to make the customers cherish this purchase. 

In addition to this, Amazon offers further discounts on the pillow sets, which has helped the site to gather positive reports from all the Americans.

The site is socially active on media and builds trust amongst its customers. Therefore, we can say that the site is authentic and provides realistic deals for all.

The only concern of the users is the ambiguous information on delivery and refund policies, which are not explicitly mentioned on the site.


In conclusion, we would like to give a big thumbs-up to this site and the product. It is a great solution for all kinds of sleepers and helps them start afresh after a sound sleep.

The top-notch memory foam gives massive comfort to all its users and prevents any back-ache.

The transparency and customer retention policies of the site prove the legitimacy of this online portal. The site incorporates highly professional customer support operators who strive to solve all the customers’ queries instantly and efficiently.

The only issue is the absence of the “About Us” page, which raises a question in the mind of the shoppers. These queries, along with other concerns, can be addressed by the Sleep Sutera Team at

Therefore, we would like to recommend the site to all our readers. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your order right now.

Comment below to share your shopping experience with this online store.


  1. I wrote to you earlier this am and didn’t get a respond???
    I ordered Sutera Pillow on May 18, 2020 through your web site Ref#8569
    And I still have not received it and it’s been over three weeks????
    Where is my order????
    Thank you..

  2. Ordered 3 of your pillows…charged my account but have NO cindirmation of order..try calling..just get a recording even after hearing hours are extended still unable to speak to anyone..tried emailing support. Again no response..wondering if better business bureau or consumer fraud division are my only option

  3. This company is a rip off. Placed an order three weeks ago. Now I want to cancel it because I can’t keep waiting forever and they refuse to cancel it through email and no one will answer the phone. 😡

  4. I ordered 3 pillows on June 3, 2020. It’s been one month and no response. I called their number and nobody answers. I’m going to call a few more time this week. If no response I will be filing a complaint with the BBB, Facebook (Where they advertised) and the FCC since they are using a USA Phone number to fraud Americans. Buyer Beware. Date: July 5, 2020.

  5. Sutera is a FAKE company impersonating – Sutera never sent order, I never received it and they use a phony sleepdreamDEEP domain which you can easily confuse with the real, original pillow. I later ordered from and their pillow is the best I’ve found….

  6. This company is the WORST, I ordered a pillow it took 3 weeks to receive it, I emailed for a RMA NUMBER, they emailed me and said call for a RMA NUMBER, called every day since the 5th of July and haven’t been able to speak with anyone. So I’m stuck with this fucking pillow that I do not want!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  7. I ordered a pillow, but they never sent one. After asking for my money back they said that it had been shipped but wouldn’t provide a tracking number. Their excuse was that they were changing fulfillment companies, but 3 days later they still didn’t have a tracking number. They are fraudulent. Don’t do business with them.

    1. I got the same run around. Instead of returning, which will cost you postage AND a 15% restocking fee, they offer a 5% refund on your purchase price!! BIG DEAL!!

      Not much of a 30 day money back guarantee!!

      After talking to someone in the Philippines, going over the details multiple times, I finally got them to return 15% of my money and guess what, NOT return their pillows!

      The pillows do NOT work as advertised, and are a scam as far as I am concerned!!

  8. Complete scam!!!! Have no idea about the pillow. Been over 3 weeks and have never received it. Never received confirmation of my order, nor shipping nor anything at all, except that they charged me. When I contact support, they tell me only one thing,… “no worries, when we receive a tracking number, we will update u with your order” and… get this! No matter what, they refuse to refund your money! Total scam company!!!

  9. I ordered one pillow on Jan 4, 2021 – still waiting for the pillow. I have emailed their Support six different times to cancel the order or when item will be shipped. They take one week to respond with the same general message “order can’t be cancelled, it’s in their fulfillment dept, etc.” It’s a scam. I’m disputing the charge with PayPal and I highly doubt I’ll ever receive the pillow – at this stage, don’t want it. Saw the ad on FB but went to their site directly to place order.

  10. Looks like I am having the same luck as everyone else. Made two purchases and they were real quick to take my money. 3 weeks later, no product at all. Only an email saying they are backed up because of the holidays. Uh, its February. They are just selling things they don’t have. Probably just another Chinese company ripping off Americans. I have filed complaints with Paypal. At least I should get my money back from Paypal. After a couple of months anyway. Steer clear of this company. Total rip-off.

  11. This pillow arrived but smelled to strongly that I cannot/will now use it. I advise you not to purchase it unless you don’t mind the toxicity. I don’t even know if it’s comfortable because I left it outside for two days and washed the cover and it still smelled bad. They initially offered a refund if I found a box (original won’t work because of expansion), repackaged it, took it to post office, paid postage and paid restocking fee. Unacceptable for something that was totally unacceptable and not my fault. Next, they offered a little something better and then hung up. I don’t ever write bad reviews but in this case they should have refunded totally and paid postage or not even had me return it. It was that poor.

  12. I received my pillow fast but same as the other woman said, it has been 2 weeks and I am airing the pillow outside and forgot about it. Wow thought the smell would be gone. Still there. I can’t understand what this smell is? Why would a pillow smell that is new? Anyone with any answers let me know. Just foam and a cover. Makes no sense. I haven’t tried baking soda yet. My guess is that it won’t work either. Disgusting that they let this kind of thing be sold.

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