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Sweeter Tings Drake Candle {May 2021} Know The Facts!

Sweeter Tings Drake Candle {May 2021} Know The Facts! >> This blog discusses every detail relating to an innovative candle and helps you to judge whether you should go for it or not.

Everyone is familiar with candles, but do you know how and what type of candles are best? Well, let’s give you a brief history of candles. The Romans made candles out of beeswax, and around 200 BC, the Chinese used whale’s fat to make candles. 

 They are widely used in the United States for dinner during Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations. There are multiple candles in the market, and among them is the exclusive Sweeter Tings Drake Candle

Origin and speciality :

This exclusive candle is launched by the world-famous soft rapper called Drake; there is no specific launched date mentioned anywhere. Drake randomly, in June, launched the top 5 exotica fragrance candles with identical names on his Instagram page and later on, the same candles were seen in the celebrities Instagram pages with excellent reviews. 

Within a fraction of seconds, it became sensational among the celebrities. Later on, Drake collaborated with the perfumer and fragrance expert Michael Carby to form a Better World Fragrance House company. 

 Ingredients of Sweeter Tings Drake Candle

The company brings together the world’s best botanical ingredients like sandalwood oil, clove buds, Bergamot, etc. The Sweeter Tings is made from these amazing ingredients. 

Sweeter Tings is a blend of Bergamot, dark voodoo rose, lemon peel, soft musk, and soy wax; as a result, making it an addictive and nostalgic fragrance candle. 

Apart from its exquisite ingredients, it also comes with great packaging. It is neatly packaged with brown packing paper. 

 The major factor that makes Sweeter Tings extravagant candle is its Brand, which comes with a customised golden maker used to write a message on the candle and erasable. 

Other Necessary Details

Sweeter Things Drake Candle being a branded company, is available on various platforms and also holds a website – www.betterworldfrangrancehouse.com/

The company has an Instagram page called – Better World Fragrance House Co with 52k followers. 

The page contains the website link of the company. 

It is available on cc:@ovoniko. Currently, the Revolve online shopping platform offers to sell this exotic fragrance candle with its pretty affordable price range from $ 48 to $80, making it available to common people. The Revolve site displays the product not just its image but with its whole array of different features. 

Customer Reviews

As per the reviews, Sweeter Things Drake Candle is not a popular product among the common people. The customers either found the product broken or with unsealed packages. The candle is rated as 3.7 with just a handful of customer reviews, and none of the reviews supports the product. 

Being an exclusive and branded candle it failed to reach the huge segment of the customers apart from the celebrities. 

Final Verdict:

The customers have no idea about the item yet being popular among celebrities. It has received poor customer reviews.

The Sweeter Tings comes with a customized golden maker in it, and the major advantage is that it is erasable. 

Henceforth, make a complete study on the product, or you can follow to know more about it.

What do you think about Sweeter Things Drake Candle? Please comment down below.

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