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Taimastore Reviews {April} Shoppers Read Before Order

Taimastore Reviews 2020

Taimastore Reviews {April} Shoppers Read Before Order -> In this article, you read about an online store that sells wholesale items.

Do you want to buy various household items and maternity clothes at a very reasonable price? Try out Taimastore.

We have observed that the Taimastore Reviews are highly trending these days. And this is why we thought of sharing some more relatable information with our readers that helps them to know more about this website.

As per the current status, the United State has the most number of customers of this website. But the site delivers orders all over the globe.

Multiple stores are now going online in the form of e-stores as the market value of online stores is growing day by day. There is an exception to this store as you will get goods for wholesale here as well.

If you are thinking to proceed with your purchase from this website, then read this blog till the very end where we share specifications, reviews, advantages, and other info about Taima store.

What is Taimastore?

Taimastore com is an online store that sells maternity dresses, accessories, disinfectants, room freshener sprays, etc.

This seems a little bit odd to know that a website, along with sells maternity clothes, also sells disinfectants. You will also find tops, Bluetooth speakers, school chairs, etc. on this e-store.

The website does not have a lot of varieties in each category, and it is strange to know that various unrelated items are mentioned altogether on the website. Some of the websites that are designed only to fool people used this type of techniques to gain customer attraction. Does this mean that this site too is a fake one? Is Taimastore com scam or legit?

Let us find it out.

Specifications of Taimastore:

  • Shipping time- 1-2 business days
  • Delivery time- 8-16 business days
  • Returns- to be made in 15 days of receiving the order
  • Exchange- applicable if returned in 3-6 days
  • Refund- 15 days
  • Contact number- 406-759-3460
  • Address- 4092 Tibbs Avenue, Chester, MT 59522, United States.
  • Email address-
  • Mode of payment- PayPal

Should you buy from Taimastore?

When a new website is launched, its design and maintenance play a significant role in attracting people towards it. If any site does not share proper or required information, then it becomes hard for the buyers to believe on a new website. But sometimes a site takes some time to understand what its customers would like and then accordingly it processes.

Same can be seen with Taima store as well. The website has shared a lot of valuable info already, but customer reviews are not available. Shoppers can purchase from this website without any hesitation. It also avails wholesale items so one can buy in bulk as well.

Advantages of buying from Taimastore:

  • You can purchase items at a very reasonable price
  • Some products are available for wholesale as well
  • The company allows you to ask for a refund if you do not like the product
  • You can return or exchange the product
  • On a single site, you will find numerous products

Where does Taimastore lack?

  • The website design does not look professional
  • Customer reviews are not shared on the site
  • Visibility of various unrelated items is odd
  • The customer has to bear the shipping charge if any item is to be returned

What are the customers saying about Taimastore?

Customer reviews are not available on the website. But buyers have shared their experiences on other sites, and we have summarized all of those reviews for our readers.

Buyers say that they received good quality of products from this site, but the only problem was with the time of delivery. For some customers, the products reached very late as compared to the time that was expected.

A very few shoppers have shared their grief saying that as they were not satisfied with the item they had asked for a refund, and there was no response from the company at all.

Final Verdict

We cannot wholly depend on customer reviews, as different people share different opinions. So as far as we see the specifications of the website, a lot of the details are openly shared by the company.

Undoubtedly, there are some doubts about the categories and products listed on the website as they do not match each other, but this can be taken as a start-up idea, and maybe the company will add few more products later on.

This, we suggest our readers try out products from this website as this site does not look like a scam.


  1. I order last week and send a question via web site. no reply and the phone number is not exist.
    item show pending
    plan to report to police tomorrow.

  2. Bought a trumpet but instead I received a small plastic dragon ball z toy worth about .50 cents. Tried to call. Voice mailbox is full and they do not return emails. Contacted PayPal to get my money back. Still waiting for a reply.

  3. I ordered an item back on March 23 took my money but no it. It is now April 8, phone disconnected and email was undeliverable

  4. Got scammed like everyone else. 2 weeks later still waiting for PayPal to rectify the situation. I had the credit card company dispute it today. Tired of waiting.

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