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Tanceal Reviews [May] – Should I Buy From This Website?

Tanceal Reviews 2020

Tanceal Reviews [May] – Should I Buy From This Website? -> In this post, we have done a thorough review of a website that sells Bulletin Boards, Card Games, and Card Games.

Do you often look for new and amazing websites to shop? If you do, then you must understand the effort it takes to determine if a website is legit and trustworthy.

To ease your journey of online shopping, we write detailed reviews for you. We cover all the necessary points that help you to determine if you should shop from a particular website.

One of the websites that have recently entered the field of e-commerce is Tanceal. You cannot find many Tanceal Reviews on the internet as it is entirely new.

Therefore, in this article, we have reviewed this website thoroughly. If you are a citizen of the United State, then you will find this review useful.

What is Tanceal?

Tanceal mainly sells Bulletin Boards, Card Games, and Card Games. However, on its ‘About Us’ page, it claims to sell more than those products. 

However, it needs to categorize its products properly so that customers can easily search for their desired products. Moreover, it should also name its products on the main page as a photograph is not enough for some customers to recognize a product.

Tanceal is SSL protected and has all the pages that a legit website must display. It is new in the field of e-stores, and thus, it is not easily recognized. Therefore, many people do not have any idea about Tanceal.

Why is Tanceal Unique?

Tanceal is unique because it sells different types of products. It does not focus on a specific niche. It has products in different niches.

The products look beautifully designed by experts. They have a chic and classy look that enhances its quality. Moreover, Tanceal offers free shipping to everyone around the world.

It also has the option to compare products. This would help you to clear up any confusion that may arise while shopping. It would also help you to decide which product meets your needs better. As a result, you will not waste your money on a product that does not match all of your needs.

Specifications of Tanceal:

  • Product: Bulletin Boards, Card Games, and Card Games
  • Email:
  • Delivery time: 7-10 business days
  • Delivery Fees: Free
  • Refund: Applicable within 30 days of delivery (conditions apply)
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Payment Method: PayPal and Credit Cards
  • Contact Address: 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • Contact Number: +12563695004

Pros of Buying from Tanceal:

  • You can select from a vast range of products
  • The website guarantees the quality of the product
  • You have multiple payment options
  • The company offers free shipping
  • The website gives you the option to compare products

Cons of Buying from Tanceal:

  • Delivery can take more than a week
  • Returns are possible only under certain conditions
  • The website does not focus on categorizing the products properly
  • The price of some products is too high
  • The website does not show the names of the products on the home page.

Customer Reviews of Tanceal:

The Tanceal Website completed just one month in the field of e-commerce. As a result, there are no reviews available for this website.

The website also does not have any customer rating system. So it is difficult to decide for new customers whether the product is good or bad.

However, the website has a newsletter service through which it sends notifications about new offers to your mail. 

We found it weird that the website only has certain categories listed when it says that it sells different types of products in its ‘About Us’ page.

Due to the absence of customer reviews, it isn’t easy to decide if the website works genuinely.

Final Verdict:

Tanceal started just a month ago, and thus, it does not have any authority or identity. It is not wise to shop from such new websites. Such websites can scam people for their money.

Moreover, they can sell your personal information, such as email. Then many scammers can send you emails of fake offers to scam you more.

Scammers can also use your credit card information to make purchases or hack into your bank account. Those making purchases on new and unknown websites can result in a high loss of money.

Therefore, we recommend you to stay away from Tanceal until it establishes more trust and authority.

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