Tesla Loot Box Error (June 2021) Problems And Updates!

Tesla Loot Box Error (June 2021) Problems And Updates!

Tesla Loot Box Error (June 2021) Problems And Updates! >> The guide shares details about the error occurring with the referral program. Please read the entire information.

Despite producing and selling purely electric-powered cars since 2018, Tesla hardly spends money on advertising and marketing. The brand relies mainly on word-of-mouth advertisements from its existing customers, YouTube influencers, and bloggers to sell its electronic cars Worldwide

In a bid to end this, Tesla has come forth with a new referral program called “Tesla Loot Box.” It has proved to be an effective medium to bring new customers to the brand. However, some of the existing and new customers cannot use the Loot Box and experiencing Tesla Loot Box Error when opening it.   

About Tesla Loot Box

Tesla Loot Box is the referral program available on the Tesla Mobile App. It informs the owner about the referral credits they received when any family member or friends signup with the application using the user’s referral link and buy any Tesla car. 

Presently, the existing Tesla owner can capture 1500KM of free credits under the Tesla Superchargers program. The Tesla Loot Box program benefits both the referrer and buyers to get bonuses and rewards. 

However, some new and existing users face Tesla Loot Box Error when attempting to launch the program via mobile application. It prevents the Worldwide users from referring the link to their friends as the Loot Box stops working.   

There are many underlying causes of the error, and no fixes are available for the error. Users have to contact the application administrators and the community forum to report the error and get a suitable fixing for it. Please continue reading for more details about the error.

What is the Tesla Loot Box Error?

Tesla Loot Box is the referral program within the Tesla mobile application. The Loot Box provides details about the referral credits the users receive when someone uses their referral link to register or buy a Tesla car. 

The existing Tesla customers share a Tesla referral code or link to prospective buyers, and when they purchase Tesla Model X, Model 3 or Model S using the link, both the referrer and buyer get bonuses and rewards.  

But, some existing customers are facing Tesla Loot Box Error when attempting to launch the program through the app. In addition, many existing and new users of the mobile app are facing the error and reported about the same to the community forum and discussion forums. 

The error occurs when attempting to open the loot box. The underlying cause of the error is still unknown.  

What Users Have to Say About the Error?

The community forum is the place where users have shared their comments about Tesla Loot Box Error.

As per the comments, users get the error when attempting to open the loot box on the application. In addition, some non-buyers of Tesla car are also facing the error when trying to open the loot box. 

They have shared the details about the error with the Tesla community and are waiting for a fix to the error to start using and sharing referral links to others to earn rewards and bonuses.


As you buy a Tesla car, you become eligible for the referral program. However, the Tesla Loot Box Error occurs sometimes, and you must report it to the community forum of Tesla. Click here to check the comments on the community forum.  

Are you facing the loot box error? How did you fix it? Please share it in the comments section. Also, please check here some tips on how to face an error. 

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