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The Mirelands In Gone Astray {Feb} Finish Quest To Earn!

Gaming Tips The Mirelands in Gone Astray

This research on The Mirelands in Gone Astray will guide you on the place where you can find Wanda and complete the quest.

Many people might be getting bored at their homes. So, to kill this boredom, the developers of games like Pokemon are coming up with new ideas, rewards, tasks for gamers Worldwide. You will find a freshly launched task in this game. 

The Mirelands in Gone Astray is the newly launched task in the Pokemon Arceus. If you are unaware of this task, this article will help you surely. So, please stay tuned with us as our research team has brought exciting details.

About Gone Astray in the Mirelands

Many gamers are curious to know what is this quest all about? Zeke is a villager who wants a favor from you all to help him find his sister Wanda in this quest. Moreover, Wanda was a member of some Security Corps. She was missing in a well-known place of the game, The Crimson Mirelands.

Ways to proceed towards The Mirelands in Gone Astray:

Here we will share some points to proceed towards the gone astray. So, please read the details carefully.

  • In Jubilife Village, you need to talk to Zeke, who is present on the ground floor.
  • Ride-on Ursaluna and lead to Crimson Mirelands.
  • Until the indicator light of Ursaluna turns blue, you need to look around a map.
  • Moving ahead, you have to follow the Ursaluna’s indicator light unless you find Wanda.
  • Now get back to Zeke, and complete the request.

These are some ways to proceed towards the Gone Astray. These are the quickest and the simplest way to reach there. But, how you will find Wanda in The Mirelands in Gone Astray. Our next section will help you to reach Wanda in the game. So, please read the following section carefully.

How to find Wanda?

Before discussing where to find Wanda, we would first like to introduce that who is Wanda? Wanda is the lost sister of Zeke. You can find her in the Crimson Mirelands at Gapejaw Bog. In addition to this, you can find her using the indicator light. It will appear blue only when you are in front of Ursaluna and once you reach close to her location. If it turns blue, you need to follow the direction indicated by the blue indicator light in The Mirelands in Gone Astray.

Reward in Gone Astray

We all know that Pokemon Arceus has provided gamers with many quests, and they have to complete these quests using their gaming skills. You can play the game on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and other platforms. They have launched the gone astray quest in the Mirelands and provide rewards in this quest. You will be rewarded with three Stardust. It is the thirty-eighth request of Pokemon Legends.

Besides this request, other requests also have rewards which you can find using the respective methods.


Summing up this content on The Mirelands in Gone Astray, you will find the details and the steps to find Zeke’s sister, Wanda. We recommend you all follow these steps, and you will be able to complete the quest. Please visit this page to know more about Gone Astray in the Mirelands

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