Theallblackagenda com (Nov) Lead A Hapyy Life.

Theallblackagenda com 2020

Theallblackagenda com (Nov) Lead A Hapyy Life. >> The article mentioned above is about an initiative that will help the users lead the life worth living.

Various initiatives are launched now and then that work towards the upliftment of a community. Today, we will introduce you to a United States-based initiative, which is Theallblackagenda com. So, read on about it and understand what it is all about.

What is Theallblackagenda com?

For Theallblackagenda com, we went through the All Black Agenda and found the following points on the website. The pointers of the All Black agenda include various points. The tips include that the user needs to buy the stocks of shares for their family every month. The users need to invest in the minimum amount every month, in which they invest in fast food or on unnecessary items. 

The users need to follow a minimum of three media owned by blacks. The users need to create a plan of owning their property or try to get away to hold more. The users need to begin a family business; they can even fill out the paperwork for LLC.

The enthusiasts should meet the people in their regular economic family; it will help them to get better creative ideas and help them find better opportunities for wealth. The enthusiasts are also encouraged to learn more about six of the black historical figures that they would not have learnt about being in the school. Also, enthusiasts are advised to exercise more and eat better. 

Also, they are advised to watch ten videos or read ten articles that will help them tread on the path of self-improvement in the next one year. The users should apologize to someone and forgive everyone every month. For Theallblackagenda com, the users should find at least three phrases that help them feel empowered as it will provide a boost to their self-esteem. 

Also, the users are asked to shout out to the black business at least once every month. In the end, the users are requested to introduce a minimum of one black figure to their children that they will not learn in school.

Public’s reaction:

For Theallblackagenda com,we found that most of the black community think that it is a great initiative that will help the black community get empowered. This will help the black community get better opportunities and help them grow and flourish.


Thus, we think that Theallblackagenda com is a great platform that will help the black community get empowered and will help them live a life that is worth leading. We believe that it is meant to empower the community without harming any other organization or anyone.

For an initiative that is meant to uplift people, we think that Theallblackagenda com serves the purpose. We believe that more such initiatives should be spread that point only to empower people.

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