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Theknlive Reviews [June] Is it Scam or a Legit Site?

Theknlive Reviews 2020

Theknlive Reviews [June] Is it Scam or a Legit Site? -> In this article, you got to know about a brand that claims to sell the excellent quality of products like pools, etc.

Are you willing to spend this summer with the one’s you love in the most unique and fun way? Bring home a swimming pool this time! Theknlive Reviewswill help you to make the right choice.

Summer is the most awaited time of the year. This is the time to spend the most special moments of life with our dear ones. Buy a swimming pool from the United States-basedcompany.

The company is new and proposes to present the most amazing features. So, check out the Theknlive Reviews and plan to spend your summer in the most relaxed way.

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What is Theknlive:

Theknlive is an e-commerce store that provides all types of above ground pools. The pools are available in the natural set, metal frame, prism frame, and ultra frame.

The company provides 90 days of easy return and refund policy. If the package has some default, it can also be replaced.

This latest website has not disclosed any details about the company. And also there are some pieces of information regarding policies that are missing.

Specifications of Theknlive:

  • URL of the website of the company: Products offered by the brand: Above ground pools of easy sets, metal frame, prism frame, and ultra frame.
  • Cancellation policy provided by the company: No information is given about this on the website of the company.
  • Payment policy provided by the company: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal.
  • Shipping & Delivery policy provided by the company: No information is given about this on the website of the company.
  • Shipping Fare provided by the company: The company offers free shipping to the customers all across the globe.
  • Return policy provided by the company: Applicable within 90 days from the date of purchase.
  • Refund policy provided by the company: Processed within 2 – 5 days after receiving the return.
  • Exchange policy provided by the company: It has been made applicable by the company.
  • Email details of the company:
  • Contact details of the company: No information is given about this on the website of the company.
  • Address of the company: No information is provided about this on the site of the company.

Pros of the company Theknlive:

  • Theknlive provides all types of above ground pools the customer needs.
  • The company offers 90 days of return and refund policy.
  • The company has offered free shipping on all orders for the sake of ease of the customers.

Cons of the company Theknlive:

  • The website name and domain name are different from each other.
  • The company has not disclosed any information and location on the website.
  • The website has not revealed any contact details for customer services.

What are the customers saying about the brand Theknlive?

History has witnessed the fact that the customers always remember a brand that has not met the expectations over the one which was still right. Similarly, the customers will remember Theknlive for the poor quality of services it has rendered to the customers.

Some people have purchased products from the company, but, the website has not provided any customer reviews section that can give a clear view of the quality of the services that the brand renders. Probably this is done to hide the reality of the company.

Moreover, the establishment has not provided any scope over Google that can give us a hint about the customer base of the business. The customers have complained about many aspects of the company. Thus, the company has an unhappy customer base.

The Final Word for the brand Theknlive:

The website has only good discounts for people. The site has many points that are negative concerning being an excellent website.

There is no information available about the company on the website. The brand has hidden its necessary information like contact details.

This is clear that the company and its website is a complete scam. The company has also not revealed any information about the policies like shipping time taken by the company and the delivery time taken by the company to deliver goods.

Thus, the website is not recommendable to the readers on our part. If still, someone among the readers wishes to buy anything from the company, we will be happy to welcome the feedback and the reviews. This will be a great help for other readers.

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  1. attempted to purchase a pool through site, only to be completely scammed.
    credit card was charged through GLOBAL CC company.
    Pool never came. What came in it’s place is a cheap imitation adjustable costume jewelry RING.
    Have tried and tried multiple times to get in contact with customer support, only to be consistently ignored or questioned about transaction data that I have willingly supplied multiple times.
    requested refund to absolutely NO AVAIL.
    do not trust this company

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