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Tiky Roblox (July 2021) Know The Detailed Information!

Tiky Roblox 2021.

Tiky Roblox (July 2021) Know The Detailed Information! >> Please read this composition to be updated with a meme character that has achieved fame quickly in the world of online gaming and animation.

With the advancement in digital technologies, the world of animation has expanded more than ever before. Computerized games have quickly got transformed from one’s hobby to passion. 

Roblox, an online gaming portal, has connected gamers from all over the world, including the United States, to play numerous exciting and innovative games. In this write-up, we have gathered information about Tiky Roblox, a meme of Tricky the Clown.

What Is Roblox?

Roblox is a gaming platform started by Roblox Corporation in 2006, where players can develop their own games and characters and also involve in the games created by other users. Millions of gamers, including more than fifty percent of the children below 16 years of age in the United States, explore this platform every month. Some of the popular games hosted on Roblox are Work at a Pizza Place, Jailbreak, Piggy, Adopt Me! and MeepCity, to name a few.

Who Is Tricky The Clown?

Tricky the Clown is an animated character from which the meme Tiky Roblox has been inspired. He is the leading contender in Madness Combat, an Adobe Flash animation series created by Matt Jolly. Tricky has tremendous power and can fight the strongest of foes with his superhuman capacities. 

Although killed many times over several series by Hank, Jesus, and Sanford, he has used his ability of Improbability Drive to regain life with high velocity. He has appeared in the sequences including Redeemer, Antipathy, Inundation, Expurgation, Apotheosis, etc. He is one of the few characters in Madness Combat to be seen with visible eyes, hair, and mouth. 

About Tiky Roblox

Tiky is a meme character based on Tricky the Clown, as cited above, with a shorter and simpler appearance than the latter. Tiky is the first meme of the Madness Combat series that the gamers have altered. He appears in the game of Friday Night Funkin’ on Roblox and has been created by three gamers, namely SmokioPosting, ShawSure, and webberlmao. 

Over its versions, Tiky’s appearance has ranged from having no hands to both hands or having less hair to long hair. The color of his hair is fixed to orange or red. He is shown to be mad about cookies, similar to Tricky having a particular liking towards baked goods. In the videos featuring Tiky Roblox, the narrator calls out his name in a deep-toned voice preceding a version of the theme of the Madness Combat series with a heavy bass sound effect. He has been depicted as both masked and maskless in the ShawSure version. 


Tiky has been used extensively in YouTube and other internet animations and thus has become highly popular. His fame led to his recognition by the original creator of Tricky the Clown. Tiky also inspired the creation of new memes like Wity, based on Whitty. You can visit the official Fandom webpage to find fascinating information about Tiky Roblox and read here to know do the Robux Generators Really Work or not.

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