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Todaywillow com Reviews (Feb) Is Online Shopping A Scam?

Todaywillow com Reviews 2021

Todaywillow com Reviews (Feb) Is Online Shopping A Scam? >> This article will inform our readers about the online customized product for household, pet care, collection for every profession, sports, and similar related purposes.

Todaywillow com ReviewsWith the rapid increase in population, people urge to gather products with their specific customization. Have you crossed one of the sites that provide customized products for every household segment? Do you wish to know details related to the website? Keep reading below!

Many websites from the United States have emerged under trending globalization, claiming to provide the customized product. We have bought a new website under our research for our dear readers.

This article will tell you about, a website that provides customized products for daily uses. Read the article listed down to know about Todaywillow com Reviews, Pros and Cons, Is Todaywillow Legit and other informative details.

About Website is an online shopping store that provides several products like Bath Towels, Harvesting Thumb Knife, Mist Spray, Leather Repair Patch, Pet Hair Removal Comb, Pocket Watch and other sports-related products. This website was registered four months ago, on 21 October 2020, in the United States

They aim to provide all sorts of customized products, be it professional or housekeeping. They have mentioned their parent company’s name to be ‘Ansky Company Limited’. 

Check out Todaywillow com Reviews before investing time and money.


  • Website Link
  • Products Customized Professional and Home Care products
  • Domain Creation 21 October 2020
  • Payment PayPal & Credit Card accepted
  • Delivery – No particular dates mentioned. 
  • Return & Refund Returns only within 14 working days. 
  • Shipping Details Different shipping cost for different countries
  • Company Address  Not available 
  • Contact Number Not available.
  • Email Address

Pros of

  • This company offers unrealistic discounts for all products.
  • According to Reviews, Customization products are provided
  • It claims to use a valid HTTPS connection.

Cons of

  • This website holds a strict Refund and Return policy on its products.
  • Todaywillow com Reviews states that there are no contact number and mail address is available.
  • This site lack information on the about us page
  • The content of the website is copied, as seen on other scam websites.
  • Have low popularity and traffic of customers
  • Fake reviews of products available

Is Legit?

If you are gaining interest in knowing whether Todaywillow is legit or fake, notice that they have a contact number, mail id, Company address, and self-written about Us’ page. Scam websites usually change their company name within a period of a few months! Be careful if does the same. 

As per Todaywillow com Reviews this company name was used before by several scam websites such as as- SiliconStudy, Family-Pjs, TimeAroma, Kresoly, Hobbit, Imotormax, Vbersho etc. The viewer misses many details to notice the scam website, and you must be careful about choosing such a website as your shopping destinations. Notice that legit company do not provide heavy discounts on all provides for attracting people. Scam websites do it only like!

They do not have history details of customer walk-in and heavy sale of products as they claim. The website has copied the domain name, which notices. Trusting such website which changes their name within a few months is truly a waste of time. Review

‘Everything shines is not gold’ is the perfect phrase for people who are attracted by heavy discounts. Scam websites take advantage of such gold chances to rob the individual with their own will. Similarly, is a fashion store with great discounts on all products. 

The legitimacy of a website is said to be fake by a lot of people. The drawbacks seen on the site as well are results are the claim done by people. It can also be assumed that may send you fake products of cheap quality and invest your money in their profit chart. These online stores can’t be believed as they are suspicious.


Todaywillow com Reviews concludes that the Todaywillow is again another scam website. Todaywillow and similar websites are proceeding with their scam and using the personal details of individuals. If you have purchased any product by mistake, we suggest you contact your bank or credit card companies for security from fraud. 

Thank you for reading it till last. We hope this article was helpful to you and solved the concern related to Reviews.

Have you noticed the name change on this website? Please don’t miss to share your thoughts with us. Comment down below in the comment section, so that everyone could have look to your experience.

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  1. Yes, the seller known as Todaywillow is a scam. I ordered a product from them that was to be capable of chopping multiple food items at once. As reviewed on line it looked to be a good item to have. On receipt of the item I noticed the postmark to be Hau Nan City Pinghu Street # 55, Shenzhenshi, guangdongsheng 518112 CHINA. First of all the advertisement failed to mention the item was to be shipped or was it identified as made in CHINA ( I DON’T PURCHASE ANYTHING MADE IN CHINA). Secondly, it was simply two (2) pieces of plastic (very bad plastic at that), a top with slits and a solid bottom. I contacted PAYPALto file a dispute and was put in contact VIA on-line with something called THEY. After multiple on-line discussions, and asking for a full refund on my part, they agreed to refund $9.13 of my $22.84. I accepted as it seemed better to receive a portion of the cost than to receive nothing and I got to keep the worthless item which is now in some thrift store and someone is trying to figure out its use???? It is definitely “BUYER BEWARE” SCAM.

    1. Thanks for saving me money. I ordered the palm hair straightener two months ago online haven’t received anything yet. now it’s the vivid restrictions holding up the shipping. Can you find out aboutthem. No phone number and no address

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