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Todd General Store Todd NC {Feb 2021} Read Mishap News!

Todd General Store Todd NC {Feb 2021} Read Mishap News! >> Fire in the ancient and nostalgic operating store of Ashe County? Read more about this in detail.

Todd General Store Todd NC is the store that is 11 miles far from Boone and is placed 10 miles south of West Jefferson. Read this article to know more about this place. The article will help the reader to be aware of the current incident that attacked the store. 

Located at Todd Railroad Grade Rd, the store is in the news these days. The news is widespread in the United States and nearby regions

About Todd General Store 

This store is originally recognized as the Cook Brothers General Store. Monroe and Walter Cook constructed its building. Established in 1914, it has won the hearts of locals and visitors. Todd General Store Todd NC is in the news due to an unfortunate accident.

What happened to Todd General Store?

The store faced a total loss as a fire caught it on 25th Feb. As per Ashe County Emergence, the Management Coordinator Patty Gambill was informed of this incident at 9:51 p.m. In the United States, this fire news is rampant when the call was made into the E-911 Center.

On 26th Feb, the fire department cleared the whole scene at 3:15 a.m. Nevertheless, Todd VFD was recalled to the scene at 8:47 a.m. 

Gambill on Todd General Store Todd NC

According to Gambill, the SBI is active in the fire investigation as it is a commercial building. The origin point of the fire was the west end of the building. The fire pattern started from the area of the kitchen placed near the midpoint of the west wall.

The store was visited to recapture the time of simple, basic, and real life. It was the best place to meet with the mountain folks and enjoy the talks of railroad days. Once upon a time, the Todd was the largest town of Ashe Counties and Watauga situated in the North Carolina Mountains.

Features of the Todd General Store Todd NC

The store in its running days features homemade jellies, deli, crafts, ice cream, music and tapes, antiques, collectibles, local author books, rustic furnishings, etc. It also featured regular outside dining on the front. It was the perfect location for the household dinners. Most of those dinners were enjoyed on Tuesday. People used to enjoy old-time entertainment and storytelling. The Friday nights were all about bluegrass music.

The house was converted as a retail space in 1986, which offered antiques, collectibles, and other crafts. In 1994, it was again transformed into a rental housing possession till December 2000.


Todd General Store Todd NC was once the place to be cherished. It was nostalgic to many, but currently, the fire strike has shocked everyone. The main root of the fire is not yet determined. This fire has severely damaged a historic general store. Also, there is a provision for the donation. GoFundMe has been incorporated to give support to the owners of this 107-year-old, three-story structure. 

Have you ever visited this store? Write your views about the tragedy that happened to this place. 

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