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Travelers Insurance Review 2022: Things to Know Here

The write-up shares a detailed guide on Travelers Insurance Review 2022: Things to Know. If you intend to know, then keep reading the entire post.

Travelers is one of the biggest home and auto insurance providers in the United States. First established in 1864, the company has worked with millions of policyholders across the nation. Today, it is popular for its customizable services, competitive rates, and comprehensive coverages. 

In this Travelers insurance review, discover more about Travelers insurance, including coverage, costs, and discounts.

Travelers Car Insurance: Coverage

Here’s a quick chart of the coverage types Travelers insurance carries: 

Coverage Type Specifications
Accident Forgiveness Coverage: 

Responsible Driver Plan

Premier Responsible Driver Plan

  • Travelers forgives one minor violation and one accident every three years with this plan.
  • Travelers forgives one minor violation and accident every three years + deduct $50 from your deductibles every six months (up to $500)
Premier New Car Replacement
  • Pays to replace a new car (five years old or newer) in case it gets totaled in an accident. Comes with gap insurance that pays off loan balances.
Loan or Lease Gap Insurance
  • If your car is damaged or destroyed in an accident, the company will cover the difference between your car’s value and your loan balance.
Ridesharing Insurance
  • For Uber or Lyft drivers: Offers coverage for drivers while en route from pickup until drop-off. Doesn’t offer protection between rides. 
Rental Car Insurance
  • Reimburses you for payments made on rental car services necessary after a covered accident. 
Roadside Assistance Insurance
  • Provides policyholders with roadside assistance if their car breaks down.
Comprehensive and Collision Coverage
  • Covers accident costs, environmental damage, vandalism, and theft. 
Liability Coverage
  • Pays for damages and medical bills for accidents that you cause. 
Personal Injury
  • Covers funeral costs, lost wages, and medical bills. 
Medical Payments
  • Covers medical bills exclusively. 
Underinsured and Uninsured
  • Pays for damages and medical bills if someone with limited insurance coverage causes an accident involving you.

Note: Car insurance requirements will vary between states, so make sure to confirm your coverage requirements before settling on a provider. 

Travelers Car Insurance: Comments and Complaints From Customers

While Travelers has been around for quite some time, its customer satisfaction ratings are slightly less impressive compared to its competitors. Surveys conducted by J.D. Power rank Travelers as “below average” in terms of customer satisfaction scores in the auto insurance industry. 

Travelers Car Insurance: Discounts

If you wish to offset your insurance premiums, you can take advantage of the following Travelers discounts: 

  • Away Student
  • Continuous Insurance
  • Driver Training
  • Early Quote
  • Good Student
  • Good Payer, EFT, or Pain in Full
  • Homeownership
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • IntelliDrive Program
  • Multi-car
  • Multi-policy
  • Safe Driver

Travelers Car Insurance: Costs

Costs for Travelers car insurance will vary between states. Individual customer risks may also affect your overall insurance premium. Generally, Americans pay around $565 for minimum coverage annually. Meanwhile, costs for full coverage can go up to $1,674 for the same term.

Travelers Home Insurance: Coverage

Travelers home insurance coverage is customizable. You can add and remove any services that you deem necessary or otherwise. 

Here’s a list of coverage types you may find from Travelers:

Coverage Type Specifications
Dwelling Coverage
  • Pays for repairs or renovations after covered damages are incurred.
Additional Replacement Costs
  • Provides additional coverage to your primary policy.
Personal Property
  • Pays for damages done to personal property.
Personal Liability
  • Pays for medical bills for someone who gets injured on your property.
Other Structures
  • Protects other structures on your property, e.g., garages, fences, figurines, etc.
Loss of Use
  • Pays for stays away from home while your house gets covered repairs done. 
Jewelry and Valuable Items
  • Covers valuable items, e.g., collectibles, jewelry, etc. 
Personal Articles Floater
  • Provides additional coverage to jewelry and valuable items.
Identity Fraud
  • Reimburses policyholders up to $25,000 if personal information is used for fraudulent or illegal transactions.
Green Home
  • You’re paid to use eco-friendly materials in repairing or rebuilding your home after a covered accident. 
Contents Replacement
  • You’re reimbursed for items stolen from your home or destroyed during a covered incident. 

Remember to ask an agent for further details on Travelers home insurance. 

Travelers Home Insurance: Comments and Complaints From Customers

Unlike its auto insurance, Travelers home insurance has slightly more promising reviews. According to studies from the NAIC, Travelers received fewer than expected complaints from home insurance policyholders. 

Travelers Home Insurance: Discounts

If you want to save a few dollars off your insurance premium, take advantage of the following discounts:

  • Green Home Discount
  • Protective Devices/Home Security Discounts
  • Claims-free Discount
  • Multi-policy Discount

Travelers Home Insurance: Costs

Travelers’ average rates are much more expensive than most providers. Here’s a short comparison chart for reference: 

Provider Annual Premium
Travelers $2,871
Nationwide $1,724
Lemonade $1, 461
Progressive $1,236

Note: Prices are based on a house with a $300,000 dwelling coverage.

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