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Trials Fortnite .com (Jan 2021) All You Need To Know!

Trials Fortnite .com (Jan 2021) All You Need To Know! >> The write-up shares details about the influencer tournament where players can unlock rewards.

The Fortnite Winter Trials is live now, and players can participate via Trials Fortnite .com to unlock the exclusive rewards. Epic Games, the game developer has officially announced the game’s winter trails and urges people to participate in unlocking different rewards.

The developers have unintentionally released the winter trails’ page, and it soon got captured by the Fortnite’s data miners and hackers. As a result, the page was shut down. The page was updated, and the winter trials are live now from 25th Jan up to 31st Jan 2021. 

Players in the United States are already participating in the winter trials.

What is Trials Fortnite .com?

Epic Game, the developer of Fortnite Games, has recently announced the winter trials of the game. The developer urges the players in the United States and other nations to participate in the winter trials to unlock and win exclusive rewards and pass. 

The developer had designed a separate portal for the winter trials before the event went live. However, the developer has not confirmed any news regarding this. But the data miners have shared some information about the event and the webpage, Trials Fortnite .com

As per the update on the official page, the Winter Trial is the tournament of influencers, and it would reward the winners with cosmetics and exclusive passes. Besides, the players can also win special badges that allow players to win different rewards in seven days. 

What are the Rewards to Win?

There are more than twelve rewards to unlock with the Fortnite Winter Trials Tournament. The developer has only mentioned about unicorn spray, animated gun wrap, and snowman like emote. There are also other rewards that players can unlock by participating in the tournament at Trials Fortnite .com.       

  • Single Badge unlocks a Fortnite Unicorn Spray
  • Six Badges unlock Fortnite Winter Trials Emoticon
  • 12 Badges Unlock Fortnite Winter Trials Wrap  
  • 12 Badges also Unlock animated Gun Wrap

These are some of the rewards that players can win with the influencer tournament in the Winter Trials. The tournament seems to be the useful event for the veteran and novice players. There is no requirement for buying any cosmetics as the players need to support the favorite influencers and unlock exclusive rewards.

How to Earn the Badges?

Players have to participate in the winter trials and win badges to unlock the rewards. Players need to vote for challenges, collect the bounties and play Fortnite games. Depending upon the number of badges earned by the gamers, they can win rewards at Trials Fortnite .com

  • Login to the activity challenges to win one badge
  • Vote for the community challenges to get one badge per challenge for a total of 4
  • Support the influencer team and click thumbs-up for one badge 
  • Play the game for twenty minutes to earn badges every 20 minutes        


Fortnite Winter Trials is the best event for the players who want to unlock rewards with simple activities. However, the winter trials is for a limited period only, and it ends by 31st of Jan 2021. So, it is suggested that interested players must participate and complete every activity to unlock the rewards. 

Players can register and start participating until the tournament is over. If you are already playing the tournament or have anything to share about Trials Fortnite .com, please share your experience in the comment section.

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