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Tshopart com Reviews (July 2020) Is It Legit Or Another Scam?

Tshopart com Reviews (July 2020) Is It Legit Or Another Scam? >> This article is about a site which sells a lot of air furniture and beds, boat set and above ground pools.

Are you willing to create your comfort and fun space at your home? Well then, Tshopart would help you with it. 

In this restless and competitive life, we are almost missing everything, which can bring fun and comfort to life. Long working hours make us so tired that we only focus on earning our bread and butter other than just living our lives!! Now, if you are creating your own fun space where you could enjoy after a long day at the office, then let’s get comfortable together. 

Tshopart, the United States based online store, has a vast collection of products that will bring you serenity. One can live the best life after purchasing such products, but Is Tshopart com Legit? 

It’s of no surprise that people are creating fake sites to fool people and have their money, so it is crucial to learn about each website before making your purchase. Let us know more about this e-shop in our Tshopart com Reviews

Is Tshopart com Legit? 

Wondering about the question- Is Tshopart com Legit?  Then the answer is NO; this site is a SCAM site. We want to enlighten you about every aspect of Tshopart in this Tshopart com Reviews, after which you can decide whether to purchase from it. 

Tshopart looks very professional and has all the essential information for its customers, but to what extent is it trustworthy? You must read further to know all the suspicious points we found about the site. 

What is Tshopart?

Tshopart is an online store that sells above ground pools, air furniture, floating mat, empire chair, airbeds, and boat set; it also claims to have the most excellent quality of product to match all your comfort zones. This shop is initially based in the United States and has very alluring offers for the customers.

The website claims to provide 24*7 customer support service, which is a great marketing tactic, but whether Tshopart trustworthy enough to invest your hard-earned money or not, is precisely what we will find out further here. In this Tshopart com Reviews, we will highlight the specifications which will lead you towards the right shopping decision. 

Specifications of Tshopart

  • Company Address- Unavailable
  • Number- Unavailable
  • Email- jamesok789@outlook.com 
  • Tracking Order- Available
  • Shipping Time- 1 working day
  • Shipping Charges- Free
  • Delivery Time- 3-7 working days
  • Return Policy- Available*
  • Refund Policy- Available* 
  • Payment- PayPal

Pros of Tshopart

  • The site looks professional.
  • It has fantastic discount offers.
  • It has a genuine HTTPS connection.
  • It is not blacklisted.
  • It has a vast collection of products.
  • It claims to have 24*7 customer support.

Cons of Tshopart

  • The site has no vital contact information.
  • It is freshly registered online on March 25, 2020 ( less than three months )
  • It has low traffic. 
  • It has no social media handles, promotional posts, and Tshopart com Reviews.
  • There are several sites with the same IP address and names. 
  • It has no Cash on Delivery or customer feedback on the products.

What are people saying about Tshopart?

We cannot find any customer reviews or Tshopart com Reviews on the website or the internet. This is suspicious that there is no comment section on the website where people can give feedback for its goodwill. This also indicates that the site has little traffic, and people have not purchased products from it. 

Adding to the drawbacks of the site, Tshopart does not have any social media handles where we could have found customer reviews. The website is safe for Google browsing but does not appear on the search engines’ top search page. 

Final Verdict 

Tshopart is a Scam site, and we advise you not to purchase from this online portal, there are several limitations with this site which are not trustworthy. Despite its sincere efforts to look well organized and well equipped, people will never trust a website without proper contact information. 

In this Tshopart com Reviews, we learned that the site does not allow the bulk purchase or COD, which harms its credibility. The website also has two names- Tshopart and Intex, other than this; it does not have any promotional activity to boost sales in the last three months. 

All said and done, you have already read all the suspicious facts above; now it is your turn to make a smart choice for shopping. And by any chance, if you have previously made your purchase from Tshopart, please feel free to write your experience in the comment section below to help others.

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