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Tushbaby Review [Sep] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

Tushbaby Review

Tushbaby Review [Sep] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? -> This article shares information on a baby carrier that claims to offer safety and comfort at the same time.

Do you face a lot of discomfort while carrying your baby along with a lot of kinds of stuff? If the answer is yes, you must read Tushbaby Review

TushBaby is a very popular baby carrier, which is the United States safety certified. The product is gaining popularity among many buyers because of the claim they are raising about the security of your baby. The manufacturer of the product claims that you need not worry about the durability of the product. It is a safe and lightweight carrier that will be suitable for your little one until he grows up to the age of 3. 

However, the product is not much reputable, and this is why we are reviewing it thoroughly to find out whether you can trust it for your baby’s safety or not. Read the article till and to find out every detail of the product.

What is Tushbaby? 

Tushbaby is a popular baby carrier with zippers and pouches for keeping your essentials while moving with your baby. The product has been seen on many e popular magazines, including a shark tank, Daily Mail, etc. 

The carrier is manufactured by a USA based company. The career is light in weight, and so you can quickly put a lot of items in it. 

It comes with a large storage space where you can keep your baby’s bottle, pacifier, fruits, or anything you want to carry with you. Also, the product is approved by doctors and chiropractors, stating that you can easily use it without giving any strain to your back. But the most crucial question is about the legitimacy of the product. By looking at Tushbaby Review,you will get an idea of whether this product is worth buying or not. 

Let’s have a look at product specifications along with its pros and cons. 

Specification of Tushbaby

  • Product Type: Hip baby carrier
  • Weight: less than one pound
  • Suitability: newborn-3 years old
  • Seat material: Memory foam-lined
  • Waistband: 47 inches long
  • Price: $79

Pros of Tushbaby

  • It’s a lightweight product.
  • It contains a large storage space with zipper pockets.
  • Pediatricians and chiropractors approved products.
  • It comes with an ergonomic sitting arrangement for your baby. 
  • The seat for the baby has foam for comfort.
  • You can use the product for baby to 3 years old. 
  • The product also has a supportive belt so that your baby’s weight is distributed evenly. 

Cons of Tushbaby

  • There were some negative customer reviews for the product stating it’s uncomfortable in use. 
  • Substitute products of Tushbaby are available in the market.
  • The product is not much functional as acclaimed.
  • The child can feel irritated while sitting on the carrier.
  • The product can give backaches.

Is Tushbaby a legit product? 

To find if the product should be ordered or not, we have done an in-depth analysis of the Tushbaby ReviewWe found that this product claims more than what it offers to the customers. If you are buying any baby carrier for the first time, you cannot differentiate between different airlines. However, if you have already used baby carriers, you will not find this much different from others. 

We found that customers complain about the discomfort it offers when you carry your baby for a longer time. But you cannot ignore all the positive aspects of the product as it has a lot of pouches for storage. You can keep all your essentials inside the bag and safely carry your baby for a walk. 

Overall, we found the product legit, but its disapproval from some customers states that we need to maintain some caution. Look if a product is useful for you and then place your order. 

What are customer opinions on Tushbaby? 

We found a lot of customer reviews on this product, mainly on As we rely on the reviews given on Amazon, we can provide you fair reviews. We found that more than 50% of the customers have given 4 and 5-star rating to the product. They have said that the product is providing great help to them as they can quickly move while carrying their baby. 

On the other hand, there was a Tushbaby Review in which the customer was highly disappointed with the functionality of the product. There were some other customers who also found the product an average one. 

Final Thoughts

We believe giving a fair review to our readers is most important. This is why we have done a thorough investigation to find out product details. Therefore, by taking into consideration the specifications, advantages, and disadvantages of the product, we can give this product a thumbs up. 

This product comes with an ergonomic feature that supports you in carrying your baby well. Though there were some negative customer reviews overall, the product has received appreciation. You could give this product at trial if you didn’t found any better substitute. 

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