Ukraine Russia Why Attacking (March) Reasons Detailed!

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Read the following article to understand the reason behind Ukraine Russia Why Attacking and the future ahead.

Do you know the reason behind the Russia-Ukraine war? Do you know what has happened in these four weeks since the war erupted between Russia and Ukraine? If the answer is NO, follow the details.

One question currently asked by people Worldwide is Ukraine Russia Why Attacking. The war has been just continuing for four weeks without any disruption. It has also led to the question of where it will end. So, let us follow up in detail to get the answer.

Current News about Russia-Ukraine War

There has been a cult of bombs and missiles all over Ukraine, which has led to the displacement of more than three million people from the country to other European countries as per UNHRC. This has been the greatest refugee crisis since world war-2.

There have been several civilian casualties. As per news reports, Russian troops bombed pool and theatres in the southern province of Mariupol. The place is said to be housing refugees, including women and children.

Why Is Russia Attacking the Ukraine?

The Russian attack started in February 2022, though the war roots back to the friction of the late 1990s between NATO and Russia over the expansion of NATO to Eastern Europe.

This friction got intensified in 2008 with Ukraine applying for NATO membership which Russia considered a red line. However, after the 2010 presidential election, the demand for joining NATO declined, but since 2013 the demand intensified, and in return, Russia annexed Crimea; Russia further warned of severe consequences for joining NATO. In 2022 Russia finally waged war on Ukraine.

Still, the reason cannot be justified as an answer to Why Is Russia Attacking the Ukraine as the Ukraine is a sovereign nation and is free to take its decision.

The Course of War Till Now

Since the war was started, several Ukrainian cities have been hit by Russian missiles, bombs, and rockets. As per the Russians, cities like Mariupol, Kherson are reported to have been captured. The cities of Kharkiv and Sumy have been ravaged by the war. The capital city of Kyiv is also being bombarded.

The Russians are also reported to have been impacted. There have been sanctions against the Russian oligarchs and banks. The US has sanctioned the import of Russian oil and gas. As per the western media, the Russian soldiers have also reported casualties. So, is it not worth questioning Ukraine Russia Why Attacking.

What Lies Ahead?

The war has resulted in the destruction of Ukraine and severe loss to Ukrainians, and there has also been deep economic impact on Russia and the world. 

Considering this, there have been efforts from the world leaders to stop the war, and it has led to four meetings between Russia and Ukraine. However, these meetings were without any result. Russia has already said it won’t stop till it gets its goal. Further, Ukraine has affirmed not to join NATO.


The answer to the question Ukraine Russia Why Attacking may not be a concrete one, and we are also not sure what exactly Russia wants, but there must be some collective consensus to stop this war between them.

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